Women’s Health and Fitness Day

by Michelle Moran
Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Every last Wednesday in September we mark the health and well-being of women. National Women’s Health and Fitness day is the largest annual event covering this topic. With many activities spread across the United States, women have plenty of reminders and chances to check up on their health and learn something new.

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day 2020 is on the 30th of September. In 2019, it was expected for about 50,000 women to participate in the activities in their local communities.

So, let’s talk about some of the health issues you need to pay attention to if you are a woman.

Spider veins on legs

Did you know that women are more likely to suffer from spider and varicose veins?

Spider veins on legs are swollen larger-appearing veins that happen due to blood pooling near the skin surface. This condition can happen for many reasons - slow blood circulation, heavy pressure on the legs (such as pregnancy), older age, etc.

Another thing that can cause spider and varicose veins is the increased level of the hormone progesterone. This hormone helps maintain some of the body’s organs, but it also relaxes the wall of the veins. When the walls get too lose, there may come to blood pools.

Both men and women produce this hormone, however, women produce it more. This gives women greater chances of developing varicose veins and spider veins due to this cause.

Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Varicose veins during pregnancy are also a common problem.

Women’s body changes a lot during pregnancy and it can bump onto all sorts of problems. One of them is certainly the appearance of spider veins on the legs. Hormonal disbalance, fluid retention, and extra weight put on the legs can all contribute to developing spider and varicose veins.

How to prevent spider veins

The best way to treat and prevent spider veins is by having a healthy dose of physical activity and wearing compression socks.

Compression socks for spider veins are one of the most successful primary treatments.

The best compression socks for varicose veins are mild to moderate compression. Varicose veins are not a significant health problem, so with a little or moderate help, you can already feel the difference.

Rheumatoid arthritis in women

Arthritis is also more common in women than in men. There are as twice as many women as men that suffer from some type of osteoarthritis.

Arthritis in women’s hands usually starts showing in their 40's and 50's and worsens up after the menopause. Some experts believe that hormones are one of the main reasons for women being affected by arthritis more than men.

The number one risk factor for osteoarthritis is obesity and sudden weight gain. Women have several periods of their lives where they experience hormonal imbalance, and menopause is one of them. In menopause, women can experience sudden weight gain that can lead to osteoarthritis.

A bodily structure can also be a contributive factor. Women have wider hips which can cause more pressure on the knees and legs.

To read more about hand arthritis, click here

How to prevent arthritis and osteoarthritis

The best way to prevent osteoarthritis is to maintain healthy body weight and be physically active.

Women’s Health and Fitness Day

For arthritis in women’s hands, we have specially designed compression gloves that can help reduce the joint and knuckle pain. Our Arthritis Hydrating gloves can help you forget about the symptom of hand arthritis while doing anything at all. We made them fingerless so you can freely use your fingertips.

Our gloves are the only hydrating, reusable, compression gloves infused with 5 essential skincare ingredients. Not only your pain will tone down, but your skin will be nurtured at the same time.

Women’s Fitness and activity

The key to preventing any type of health problem is leading an active life. Going for a walk for only 30 minutes every day can significantly reduce your chances of health issues.

National Women’s Health and Fitness day is there to reminds us to make that long waited appointment we are delaying and to show us the importance of leading a healthy life. Topics that are the most covered on this day are breast cancer, heart attack, pregnancy issues, uterus infections, etc.

Many problems that are dominant in women are still in the shadow, but they should still be brought attention to. Arthritis, varicose veins, or even swelling (edema) during pregnancy are issues that affect a lot of women and make their everyday lives more difficult.

Arthritis is not as dangerous as cancer, that is for sure. But that doesn’t mean it is not a problem that is affecting the quality of life.

Women’s Health and Fitness Day

By thinking of ourselves, our medical family history, and symptoms that we so often ignore, we can prevent future pain.

Skineez and Women’s Health and Fitness

Skineez is a women-owned brand, so we understand women’s needs.

Skineez was created as a brand that supports women and delivers one thing that women’s activewear and medical wear were lacking. That is the skincare factor.

Stretchy materials that are used to make sport garments are often ungrateful when it comes to our skin. They make us sweat, they cause redness, itchiness, and make our skin dry and cracked.

Because of that Skineez made compression capri leggings infused with 5 skincare ingredients to take great care of our sensitive skin while we train or run errands.

Our capri leggings are also made from compression materials that support blood flow. That is why they are considered a very suitable, comfortable, and healthy activewear for senior women, younger women, or even pregnant women.

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Don’t wait for your life to get better, make it better for yourself!

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