Reviews From Medical Experts

“In just 1 hour of wearing  Skineez® Skincarewear, 80% of women saw softer, firmer skin. The combination of Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Retinol and Vitamin E has been proven to firm, tone and hydrate the skin, even after they’re removed.”  – Dr. David Jacofsky, Chairman of The CORE Institute

As a board certified plastic surgeon, what means most to me is safety and results. Using  Skineez® not only improves the appearance of my patient’s results and safely nourishes the skin and supports healing. My patients love the feel of their skin and I love the way it makes them feel!" Michael N. Desvigne, MD, FAC, Founder & Medical Director, CoolBody Contours

“I’m so impressed by the new  Skineez® Skincarewear Fingerless Gloves. The material and compression of the glove will finally allow me to offer a solution to my patients suffering with swelling, and provide the soothing warmth that arthritic joints crave… all while nourishing the skin with anti-aging and skin softening minerals an nutrients. There is nothing like these gloves in the medical market for my patients – Great product, would recommend to anyone!" – Damon Adamany, MD, Chief of Hand and Upper Extremity, The CORE Institute

 Skineez® provides special and unique hydrating moisturizers that improve the overall quality of the skin! We recommend  Skineez® Compression to all of our patients.” – Dr. John Layke, Diplomat of American Board of Surgery and Plastic Surgery

"I just purchased two of your products tonight and I am thoroughly impressed thus far! As a nurse, I know how important it is to prevent edema and maintain compression wearing compression socks. However,  Skineez® compression socks or not like the ones we see in the hospital. First off, they are extremely soft and silky, plus they smell good. Also, they are stretchy yet firm. I was worried that they would be too big because only the extra large was available to buy in the store, but they fit just right with my size 9 foot. I also purchased the capris, and I am just as satisfied as with the socks. It's like I have on a pair of pants now because they're connected! I can't wait to see the long-term effects and to let my friends and family know about your new products. Thank you!" - Tara, RN 

“Love, Love, Love the compression stockings!!! My feet feel amazing since I put them on this morning. They were easy to put on and have felt great all day! The lotion in the stockings make my legs feel rejuvenated!! I went online and I have to say the price is great for a set of 2 stockings!! I will defiantly get more! Awesome product and I’ve only had them on 8 hours today!!” - RN

“Skineez® stockings you gave me to try are so great! Easy to put on, easy to clean, and feel good throughout the day. They’re tight enough to know that they’re doing their job, but don’t feel like their cutting off your circulation. Would definitely keep wearing them! Thanks so much!” - RN

“I enjoying wearing these stockings on my 12 hours shifts for extra support and really love wearing them with my boots as they keep my skin soft then I don’t feel the itchy dry skin or sweaty feet! Great product and would recommend it to anyone!” - RN

LOVE these new  Skineez® stockings! I bought them this morning and I felt the relief right away. As  a 6 month pregnant momma with 2 little ones at home and being on my feet all day I am loving the additional support! I plan on wearing these ALL the time.- RN

I love them! They are always in the laundry because I am always wearing them. They are comfortable, soft and don't feel like compression socks. My skin feels so much smoother after wearing them vs other compression socks. I'm a fan! - RN

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