Medical Grade Compression

Maternity Medical Grade Compression Socks

Leg pain, heaviness, and cramping are common symptoms experienced by most women during pregnancy due to increased circulation and weight on the leg muscles.

You don’t have to live with heavy legs, swollen ankles, or sore feet throughout pregnancy. Choose Skineez® medical grade compression socks and stockings to help relieve your symptoms sooner.

Boost Circulation and Reduce Vein Insufficiency with Medical Grade Compression

Each year, nearly 150,000 patients are diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency.

One of the best treatments for vein insufficiency is Skineez® Skin-Reparative medical grade compression socks and stockings. They help improve circulation and reduce symptoms, including heavy legs, swelling, and pain.

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Advanced Healing Compression Socks (10-20mmHg) Mild/Medium
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Advanced Healing Moisturizing 20-30 mmHg Firm Compression Socks
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Advanced Healing Compression Socks (30-40mmHg) (EXTRA FIRM)
Advanced Healing Compression Gloves with Moisturizing Benefits
Skineez Medical Grade Moderate Compression Black Leg Sleeve

True Medical Grade Compression for Faster Recovery

Skineez® Skin-Reparative is the only medical grade compression brand clinically proven to protect your skin.

Skineez® infuses all products with Skin-Reparative moisturizers, making the fabric incredibly soft and easy to put on. Skineez® is the ONLY FDA-Approved, medical-grade compression brand clinically proven to revitalize your skin. Each garment is pretreated with these ingredients, lasting up to 10 washes, then reinfuse!

Skineez® medical grade compression is the perfect option to help relieve symptoms associated with various health conditions and lifestyle factors, including venous insufficiency, pregnancy, and more!

Medical Grade Compression Benefits

Almost anyone can benefit from Skineez® Skin-Reparative medical grade compression garments.

The extra benefits include:

  • Micro-Massaging Technology
  • Contoured heel pocket for greater fit and comfort
  • Help to reduce swelling
  • Boosts circulation
  • Relieves symptoms of varicose veins
  • Helps to soothe tired, achy legs and feet
  • Easy to put on
  • Great for travel
  • Infused with Skin Protectant Ingredients that heal dry skin to prevent cracked skin.
  • Latex Free

Understanding Medical Grade Compression Levels

10-20 mmHg (mild to moderate compression)
This compression is best for those who experience tired, achy, swollen feet after a long day of work. This compression level is perfect for athletes, travelers who sit for extended periods, edema due to pregnancy, and prevention of varicose veins.

20-30 mmHg (firm compression)
This compression level is considered more clinical. Your doctor should recommend this level. It's appropriate for those who suffer from more than occasional swelling and pain.
They are great for managing edema in your legs, varicose veins, long-travel flights, endurance sports, and after some surgeries.

30-40 mmHg (extra firm compression)
Your doctor may recommend and prescribe this level to use post-surgery to help prevent deep vein thrombosis, severe edema, and problems associated with painful varicose veins.

NDC Code: 73238-001-01—Skin-Protectant

FDA-Cleared, #1 Doctor Recommended 

Medical Grade Compression Infused with Skin-Protectant Ingredients


From our customers


I have been searching for compression socks for
awhile. I was unable to find pairs that fit and are
not extremely hard to get on. Skin-eez are so
comfortable to wear and are very easy to get on.
My legs felt great all day and at the end of the
day they were not swollen! Thank you Skineez!!!

Austin, TX

I think these compression sock in particular are making a big difference in the reduction of swelling in my ankle and in particular, easy to put on, and the quality is outstanding. Plenty of room for the toes. Also, excellent difference over other brands.
Love them!!

Ann P.
Fort Wayne IN

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