Clinically Proven

Our winning combination SMART fabrics and skincare OUT-PERFORM other compression garments.

SKINEEZ® garments are pretreated with skin-healthy cosmetic nutrients, clinically proven to deliver firmer, smoother and younger looking skin.

89% of women considered reloading SKINEEZ® with the Skincarewear Garment Spray to be easier to perform than applying a cream once or twice daily!

Look and feel slimmer
Increase moisture to skin
Felt softer and smoother skin

Diminish skin's imperfections
Smoother, more vibrant skin
Skin feels less flabby

Average increase in of skin elasticity up to 19%
Firmer skintone

*In a 4 week clinical study conducted by The Consumer Testing Institute amongst 27 women who wore the SKINEEZ® SKINCAREWEAR® for eight hours a day, 6 days a week, and used the SKINEEZ Garment Spray spray for the last 4 weeks.