Preventing arthritis: Give your hand a hand

by Michelle Moran
Preventing arthritis: Give your hand a hand

Swollen joints, pain and bad circulation in hands are something that affects a great number of men and women across the globe. Our hands are a busy tool and the truth is that we often forget to take care of them. Yes, we put on hand creams, we wash them, and we wear gloves in cold weather, but that is all about our skin, right? And what about our bone structure, blood circulation, and joint flexibility?

Our hands and fingers do most of our chores during the day. They help as open the doors, open the jars, lift boxes, carry groceries, carry children, drive, write, type, and the list goes on. We use our hands so frequently that we take them for granted. We don’t notice all the things we do with them, nor how many times we put pressure onto them, so most of the time, we do nothing to give thanks to them. When our skin is sore or cracks after dishwashing, we immediately apply hand cream, but when our hands feel tired or our joints feel pressured, we often just wait to it to pass. The moment we start noticing and giving attention to these problems is mostly when the problem has evolved into something more serious, such as – arthritis.

Arthritis – our joints worst enemy

Arthritis is a leading cause of disability in America which affects more than 50 million adults according to the Arthritis Foundation. It is a medical term for joint swelling with symptoms such as joint pain, tenderness, redness or warmth as well as less joint flexibility and fatigue.

We are all mostly familiar with arthritis and its prevalence. Where we are mistaken, though, is that we often associate it with aging. It is something that we don’t usually find amongst young people and it surely is a problem that evolves with age, but if you are experiencing this problem or suspecting that you have it, don’t beat yourself down thinking “Well, that is it, I am officially becoming a senior.”. Even if you are of mature age, arthritis is not simply a sign of aging, it is your body telling you that you put too much pressure onto your joints and that you reached a critical point of giving back to them. Yes, our body does weaken with age, but that doesn’t mean we should accept that as a fact and not do our best to keep it strong and healthy for the most endured period.

The number one problem with arthritis is that most people allow it to evolve. We cannot prevent every disease or problem, and often we cannot assure the absence of future problems, but we should admit that we are not thinking about these so-called “elderly” problems until they evolve. 

We should always think about our future selves

Even though arthritis cannot always be prevented, we should take some measures. If you are working in some manual job, you should massage your hands to lift the pressure of them and to solidify your blood circulation. Also, omega-3 fatty acids are a great companion in fighting sore joints. Exercising on top of that is always a good call, but you should be careful with choosing your methods, so you don’t apply more unnecessary weight onto your hands.

Preventing arthritis: Give your hand a hand

These measures should be considered even if you have a desk job or you are a stay at home or if you are working in a restaurant and you are going all day carrying a tray. So many young girls work as waitresses, not even thinking about the weight of a full tray pressuring the joint. If we start thinking about it as early as possible, we could help our future selves even just a tiny bit.

If you are experiencing symptoms of arthritis or you already have this problem, besides massages and exercise, medical compression can also be very helpful with pain relief.

Medical compression – prevention and relief

Medical compression is a process in which you apply evenly spread pressure to a part of your body. The compression boosts blood circulation by squeezing the veins and helps relieve fatigue and tiredness of the part that is used on. In the fight with arthritis, many people turn to compression gloves for arthritis, which use these compressive properties to help the swelling ease, blood flow to “breathe” and wake up tired and painful joints.

Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms of this kind, using these arthritis compression gloves once or twice a week while doing chores or having a long day at the office freshens up your hands and joints and nourishes their strength.

Even though it cannot CURE diseases like arthritis in hands it can support your official treatment and give you “a hand” in your fight.

SKINEEZ Compression Gloves

Working in this field and getting to know many people with similar issues, with the great help of medical professionals we worked very hard on making truly effective compression gloves. We took our knowledge of skincare and their medical knowledge and made gloves that nourish all in one. The compression properties fight pain, fatigue, and cold hands, while moisturizing material caresses your skin and keeps it soft and young. We made them fingerless so you could easily wear them at your work, type, write and use your phone. We made them from best fabrics and induced them with a cocktail of 5 carefully chosen essentials as shea butter and retinol, so you could have the care your hands deserve.

Preventing arthritis: Give your hand a hand

If you are grateful to your hands are ready to give back to them, check our product page for more information about these compression gloves.

It is never too early to start thinking about your future self, nor too late to try to restore what seems to be lost!

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