National Eczema Week

by Gala Ladišić
National Eczema Week

This year we are welcoming Eczema Week from 13th to 19th of September.

Eczema is a condition that many people are struggling with, but also a condition that many people don’t know a lot about. So, this week we are bringing the attention to the struggles of battling eczema, and to fighting the stereotypes revolving visible skin diseases.

National Eczema Week has a goal of promoting true information and facts about eczema and exploring new ways of dealing with it.

National eczema week 2019 – a brief review

National eczema week is not only recognized in the United States but also worldwide.

Some of the previous eczema weeks worldwide were The real eczema and confidenceThe real eczema theme encouraged people to share real facts about this condition and talk openly about their struggles. The confidence theme was meant to show support to those fighting eczema and to encourage them to feel strong, and not embarrassed by their condition.

Eczema awareness color

Eczema awareness color is a combination of orange and purple. This color combination has come from the campaign #theRealEczema from 2019. This ribbon also stands for psoriasis awareness. Even though the two conditions are not the same, and have different causes, look, and treatments, they share the awareness ribbon.

National Eczema Week

Many people often mistake one condition for another, and both psoriasis and eczema have many stigmas related to them. For example, the myth that they are contagious, which is untrue.

So, even with the differences between the two diseases, people struggling with psoriasis often go to similar emotional and social difficulties like people struggling with eczema.

Eczema information

This week, but also the upcoming month of October, we want to dedicate to the information about eczema. People need eczema facts rather than myths and untruthful conclusions.

It is estimated that 35 million Americans are struggling with eczema, but also that many other people are not aware of their condition. Many people mistake eczema with a rash and treat it wrong causing more damage.

The information about eczema disease is the best to collect from rightful sources, such as medical and professional people who know about the disease. But also, to listen and learn from those who have eczema.

We have already made an article inspired by some of the internet’s most frequently asked questions about eczema, so for all information about eczema, click here.

Eczema awareness month

If the national eczema week is in September, when is the Eczema Awareness month?

National Eczema Week

Following the eczema week in September, October is Eczema Awareness Month. Through the whole month of October, the National Eczema Association will choose themes, and activities to support the eczema community.

Eczema awareness month colors are purple and orange, as from 2019.

How to acknowledge the eczema week and the eczema awareness month?

  1. Learn, share eczema facts, and break the myths
  2. Check up on somebody with eczema, listen to them, take an interest.
  3. Talk about it on social media, use the ribbon or relevant hashtags. People like to know that they are not alone in this fight.
  4. Donate to the National Eczema Association, and help fund the cause, treatments, etc.

Skineez and eczema

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National Eczema Week

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