Who can benefit from Arthritis gloves

by Michelle Moran
Who can benefit from Arthritis gloves

Arthritis gloves are one of the most popular and best-selling products among compression garments. They can benefit people with arthritis, eczema, joint pain, and bad circulation. Arthritis gloves improve overall hand well-being.

Compression gloves for hand arthritis 

When fighting arthritis many people start to seek alternatives to their prescribed medicine. This is because oftentimes pain killers do damage to the stomach and are genuinely not good to take them very often. Also, arthritis problems sometimes go beyond just plane pain.

The pain is almost always followed by restricted joint movement, blood flow deceleration, and swelling. For these problems the most common therapy is massage. However, massages should be very frequent for symptoms to fade away and not bother you, and that takes up time. 

Because of that, many people are turning to compression gloves for hand arthritis, which act as something like a constant massage. Compression gloves are a convenient way to incorporate therapy in your busy everyday life without it taking too much space in your schedule.

How do compression gloves work for arthritis?

Compression gloves are made from a special material that has medical compression properties. Medical compression is a process in which an evenly spread pressure is applied to a part of your body. The material of the glove sits firmly around your hand squeezing it from joints to fingers.

Who can benefit from Arthritis gloves

The pressure suits joints, bones, and elastic tissue, as well as blood flow and swelling. The compression boosts blood circulation by pressuring the veins and helps relieve fatigue and tiredness of the hand.

Benefits of arthritis gloves

If you are struggling with arthritis, or even experiencing some of the symptoms, medical compression gloves can be very helpful. Wearing compression gloves in a combination with exercising and massage therapies can significantly help with pain relief, swelling and joint flexibility. 

Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms of arthritis, using these gloves once or twice a week will benefit you. Wear them while doing chores or during a long day at the office to freshen up your joints and improve hand activity.

Where to buy arthritis compression gloves?

In Skineez Online Store or at our locations in Walgreens and Walmart! 

The Skineez online store is easy to use and it gives you all the necessary information about the product. 

Skineez Hydrating Gloves

The SKINEEZ® Compression Glove is a clinically designed medical-grade compression glove with hydrating properties. These fingerless cotton gloves are made from medical grade material and are completely latex-free. They are healthy, comfortable and free fingers make them suitable for every situation.

Who can benefit from Arthritis gloves


They are much more than a natural hand moisturizer. Besides providing proper skincare, their moderately compressive properties make them essential in pain relief. The compression helps to relieve arthritis, hand fatigue, and cold hands, which makes them medically approved arthritis gloves.

The combination of compression and moisturizers deliver relief while nourishing the skin and keeping it soft and young. We made them fingerless so you could easily wear them at your work, type, write and use your phone. We made them from the best fabrics and induced them with a cocktail of 5 carefully chosen essentials: 

  • Retinol – increases elasticity and tightens the skin
  • Shea Butter – acts as a powerful skin moisturizer
  • Apricot Kernel Oil – soothes and calms irritated skin 
  • Vitamins A and E – have a deeply nourishing effect
  • Rose Hip Oil – famous for its rejuvenating powers

The Skineez hydrating compression gloves are also successful in treating eczema and psoriasis. Their moisturizing and replenishing abilities soothe itchy patches on the skin and smoothen crackling.

Characteristics of Skineez gloves

  • Level of compression: moderate compression 
  • Fabric type:
  • 90% Cotton,
  • 10% Spandex
  • 100% Latex-free
  • One size fits all: 7.5cm x 21cm
  • Color: Gray

Who can benefit from the Skineez Hydrating Compression gloves?

Besides people dealing with arthritis, eczema or other health problems, the Skineez Hydrating compression gloves can benefit us all! 

These fingerless compression gloves are great for those who love to work with their hands. They can be good for those who love to work in their garden, or love to cook and bake. They are even great for bodybuilders and heavy lifters who put so much pressure onto their wrists and hands.

They are also perfect for crafty people who love making arts and crafts with their hands. They are great even if you are nothing from above but love to scroll your news feed! These comfy fingerless gloves are a great solution for winter and autumn. 

Compression material helps our hands stay warm and flexible, while skincare solution cares for our skin. What’s more to ask?

What makes Skineez compression gloves stand out?

Arthritis gloves from Skineez differ from other producers for its hydrating properties. These cotton gloves help in reducing the pain, providing overall comfort and moisture while keeping your hand warm with improving blood circulation.

Who can benefit from Arthritis gloves

 They are also perfect for people with sensitive skin, acting as a hand moisturizer. Our skincare philosophy that lies in the formula of 5 essential ingredients provides all the health and nourishing your skin needs.

How to care for hydrating compression gloves?

You should always hand wash them in cold water to not damage the material. You should also never iron them nor dry clean them, as it could permanently reduce healthy properties from the material. Do not use bleach while washing. Instead, use a mild washing detergent or soap and gently rub it into the material. 


For the best experience, use Skineez’s Garment Replenishing Spray after 10 washing rounds to replenish your gloves with a new dose of the hydrating formula. This way, your gloves will stay as good as new for a long time. You don’t have to worry that they will wear off. Just spray them after 10th washing and leave them dry off.

*Our arthritis gloves cannot act as a replacement for any treatment of this condition given to you by your doctor, but they can be a good addition to your treatment.

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