Shea butter: an African jewel

by Michelle Moran
Shea butter: an African jewel

Over the years, shea butter has shown its amazing health benefits. Nowadays, almost everybody has heard about it, or some of its effects. Every day more and more manufacturers recognize qualities of shea butter and choose to use it in their beauty and health products. Even though it doesn’t come from America, its popularity has made it available and easy for us to find it in almost every cosmetic store. If you tried some of the products with shea butter in them, you are probably pleased with results. But, what do we truly know about this product? What is shea butter exactly, do you know where it comes from? Is shea butter good for skin, or as food?

We took your most frequently asked questions from Google and provided some answers.

What is shea butter?

Shea butter (pronounced as SHE or sometimes SHEY), is a natural plant fat. This means that in high temperatures it turns into oil, while in low temperatures has a solid creamy textureIt is alimentary, although, in our culture, it is more popular as a beauty supplement. It has a high content of different vitamins and fatty acids, which soothe and hydrate skin. In urban culture, it had its breakthrough a few years ago, but this product is actually ancestral. It has been produced and used among indigenous people for centuries.

What is shea butter made of?

Shea butter is also called “African gold”, so that also answers the question of “where does it come from?”. It originates from Southern and Western Africa, in countries as Mali, Burkina Faso, Sudan, etc.

Shea butter: an African jewel

It is a fat found in a nut of a Shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa: Butyrospermum parkii), also called Karite in French, which translates to “butter tree”. 

The Butter tree grows in savannas and is considered sacred by the local people. Even if it has so many properties and uses, the tree is so respected that the nut is used only when it falls by itself. 

The people who live in the regions of Shea tree, also use its butter for cooking and preparing food. Nuts and shells are used as ingredients, and seeds are used for getting oil and butter. Natural shea butter has many health and nutrition benefits. It, also, belongs to a group of foods that have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Are there a lot of different shea butter uses/what are shea butter benefits?

Yes, there is a lot of different uses and shea butter products. We mentioned that it is a very rich and healthy cooking ingredient. But, why is it so popular in the cosmetic industry?

Even in cosmetics, there are a lot of shea butter products, or products enriched with it. Here are some of its uses and properties.

Shea butter: an African jewel

Medical properties of Shea Butter

  • Anti-inflammatory: as we already said it belongs to a group of foods that have anti-inflammatory properties, but it also helps with skin inflammation. It is great for soothing burns caused by rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Healing: shea butter helps fasten the process of healing when it comes to wounds, bruises, and burns. 
  • Nose decongestant: if applied to the lower part of the nose, it can help unclog it. Not only that, but it is a good remedy for more serious nasal problems, like a sinus infection.
  • Regeneration and recovery: shea butter is also a good companion for dealing with thick and dry skin. Because of this, many people dealing with eczema or psoriasis choose shea. It can also be applied for eviting post-depilatory inflammations or similar to that. It regenerates dead skin and helps it calm down.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: during pregnancy everyday use of shea butter for stretch marks can add elasticity and flexibility to your skin, preventing them to occur. During breastfeeding, it can soothe your breasts and prevent inflammation. 
  • Muscle recovery in sports: shea butter fastens muscle recovery, deals with muscle sores and relaxes the body. Because of this, it can also be a very effective massage oil.

Skincare and beauty

  • Sensitive skin: shea butter is great for people with sensitive skin because it provides protection from environmental causes that can lead to dry skin or allergies.
  • Hydration and nutrition: shea butter provides profound hydration and nutrition to your skin.
  • Haircare: it regenerates dry hair and provides volume and shine. Not only that, but it also fights dandruff!
  • Against acne: it can help clean and unclog your pores, even help with acne and inflammation. 
  • Sun protection: shea butter is a great supplement to your regular UV protection! 
  • Antiwrinkle: shea butter also has some anti-aging properties, because it helps the skin increase its elasticity. it has strong cellular recovery effects, so it is also popular for dealing with scars. 
  • Nail care: it also helps with agnails and strengths week nails.

Skineez and shea butter

Skineez LOVES shea butter! Our philosophy lies in perfect skincare, and we think shea butter is truly one of our skin’s best friend! Here is why:

  • It is good for every type of skin 
  • It does not create oily skin, just profound hydration 
  • It has a light feeling on your skin but gets deep into it!
  • Does not clog pores and lets your skin breathe
  • It has antibacterial properties!
  • It is anti-inflammatory!

This is why our skin-care formula carries natural shea butter in it. Our products are all infused with this little formula we created to suit everyone! The perfect combination of ingredients is made to helps your skin be fresh, elastic and young. In our shop, you can see all the products with these incredible moisturizing properties. You can also purchase a bottle of our perfect formula and infuse your Skineez products, so they never wear off!

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