How Compression Socks are Essential when you are Sedentary

by Michelle Moran
How Compression Socks are Essential when you are Sedentary

There is already so much talk about the problems of sedentary life. From our childhood, we are thought about the importance of physically active life and sedentary problems as a side-effect of not living actively. But as we grow up many of us turn to a sedentary life.

There are many reasons for that, one being the lack of habit and the unwillingness, which are both reasons that can be changed. However, there are people who spend most of their lives living sedentary due to other circumstances as their jobs, or illness or other issues that make it harder to have an active physical life.

Problems of sedentary life can show in weeks, even days with physical stagnation. For example, the current situation of Coronavirus breakout has led to a global quarantine, leading to many people being closed in their homes for weeks.

Some people have backyards or big homes, but others live in studio apartments or with other people which makes it difficult, even impossible for them to maintain a healthy level of daily physical activity.

Even if we do try to do exercises in our bathrooms or walk up and down the hallway, that is not as nearly the physical activity as we would normally have. Many people say they are noticing some sedentary problems only after a week without healthy physical activity. What can those problems be?

List of sedentary life problems

Problems caused by sedentary life can go from light, as backache or light sleep, to severe as depression or muscle atrophy. Some studies show that the risk of developing certain forms of cancer can be increased by sedentary health issues.

  • Sleep deprivation and insomnia
  • Headache, backache, leg and joint pain
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Venous and circulatory problems
  • Migraine
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Breast cancer, colon cancer
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Scoliosis, Osteoporosis
  • Obesity

How can a sedentary lifestyle lead to health problems?

Many problems arising from being sedentary evolve around the pressure we put to our body by sitting and lying down. Even if we have said so many times “my legs are killing me, I have to sit down!”, sitting is one of the worst enemies of our legs.

Circulatory health problems due to sedentary life are easiest to be seen through our legs. The legs start to swell without any reason, they hurt and feel heavy, we sense tingling and it becomes harder and harder to stand or walk for a longer time. This is a sign of our circulatory system not working properly.

How Compression Socks are Essential when you are Sedentary

Without movement, our circulatory system slows down.

By sitting and lying for most of the day we are at risk of some long-term health problems of having a sedentary life.

Can a sedentary lifestyle cause high blood pressure?

A sedentary lifestyle can cause many long-term health problems, including high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. The risk of developing high blood pressure is up to 50% higher in those leading a sedentary life than those who are active.

How does a sedentary lifestyle affect diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is possible to arise from a sedentary lifestyle. By exercising, our body has lower chances of becoming insulin resistant, as muscle cells have more insulin receptors than fat. The main indicator of a risk of diabetes is obesity, which is directly caused by an inactive sedentary lifestyle.

People suffering from diabetes often have problems with feet and leg swelling, injuries and pain, which again increases sedentary life. Luckily, there are products on the market made to fight circulatory problems, swelling and injuries and to help people with diabetes have a more active and comfortable life.

We at Skineez also developed such a product. Skineez Hydrating Diabetic Socks are specially made to ease problems caused by diabetes. They are a popular and proven product that helps those suffering from diabetes have a more comfortable life. Check our previous article for more information on Skineez diabetic socks, find out how they help and where to get them.

How Compression Socks are Essential when you are Sedentary

If you are not diabetic, but you lead a sedentary lifestyle, there is another product that can help you with blood circulation – compression socks.

How are compression socks essential when you are sedentary?

Compression socks are essential for anybody that leads a sedentary life, whether by choice or by need. Even during a couple of weeks of quarantine, we are slowly starting to develop sedentary problems. So, how can compression socks help?

Sitting and lying down a lot, even standing, puts a lot of pressure on our feet. Blood retains in our legs unable to get back to the heart, threatening with developing clogs and varicose veins. That is when our legs start to feel tired, cold, heavy and to bother us. It starts with our feet and rises upwards our legs. One of the most common sedentary problems is varicose veins.

“Compression socks are specially designed to help blood flow and to provide comfort. They belong to a group of garments made of medical-grade materials that fit firmly onto the skin. The main purpose of compression socks is to improve blood circulation, but also to reduce discomfort. Tight compression prevents the detention of blood in your feet and helps it stay in motion.

You have probably heard how good elevating the feet can be for the heart and circulation. Sadly, a few have the opportunity during the day to do this, and we often forget about it during our bedtime. Even if we do elevate our legs during sleeping, sometimes that is not enough for preventing discomfort during the day. If that is the case, you should consider getting compression socks. This is because the compression keeps your veins busy and boosts the blood flow.” – from Skineez article “Compression Socks 101

Obesity is the number one sign of being sedentary, and extra weight only adds extra pressure onto the legs and feet. Besides normalizing blood flow, compression socks also prevent swelling and heaviness of the feet.

How Compression Socks are Essential when you are Sedentary

If you are leading a sedentary life, or you are currently in an ungrateful environment for engaging in physical activity, consider getting a pair of compression socks. You can easily shop for Skineez Compression Socks in the Skineez online store.

If you are sedentary by choice, try to engage in more physical activity. It only takes a little, and it means a lot. We are there for you for every step you take in your progress!  

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Be safe and responsible.



How Compression Socks are Essential when you are Sedentary

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