American Diabetes Alert Day

by Michelle Moran
American Diabetes Alert Day

With the end of March, we are slowly approaching one of the most important days in this month. It is American Diabetes Alert Day.

There are many events during the year dedicated to diabetes and diabetes awareness, so we wanted to bring attention to the importance of this day. We chose some of the most frequently asked questions and decided to give answers to them. American Diabetes Alert Day is calling attention to a very important cause, and here is why.

What is American diabetes alert day?

American diabetes alert day is a day in March dedicated to all who are at risk of suffering from diabetes with a goal of educating them to reduce the risk and take Diabetes risk test. This is an online test you can find on the American Diabetes Association website that helps you discover whether you belong to some of the groups at risk.

Diabetes alert day in the United States is one of the precaution events created by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) that has a goal of minimalizing diabetes among Americans and making the life of those suffering from it better and easier.  

So, why is the American diabetes association alert day so important to all of us?

Diabetes Risk Test

Diabetes Risk Test is an online test that is meant to show based on your answers your level of risk for type 2 diabetes. If you are not sure about the differences between type 2 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, check that in our previous article. 

American Diabetes Alert Day

In this short test, you will be answering questions about your age, gender, family history, and habits. In the end, you can choose to receive an email with your results or see them online. The test cannot show you whether you have diabetes, it can only show you your level of risk of type 2 diabetes based on your answers.

If your results show that you are at high risk of type 2 diabetes, the next step would be to make an appointment with your doctor and plan from that point on.

Who is at risk of type 2 diabetes?

Below are some of the risk factors of type 2 diabetes.

  • Gender – statistics show that men are as twice as likely to develop diabetes than women
  • High blood pressure
  • Age – people above the age of 40 are at higher risk of developing diabetes
  • Genetics – if you have diabetes in your family history, you are at risk of developing it yourself
  • Lifestyle – inactive and sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes during pregnancy – it shows a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life
  • Obesity – obesity is the number one risk od type 2 diabetes

These factors do not mean that if you belong to one of these groups, you will develop diabetes type 2. But, if you belong to several of these groups, it can indicate a higher risk of developing it, thus showing you the need of watching yourself or changing a bit from your life.

When is Diabetes alert day?

American Diabetes Alert Day

American Diabetes association alert day is marked annually on every fourth Tuesday in March. American diabetes alert day 2020 will fall on March 24th.

History of Diabetes alert day

American Diabetes alert day started as a part of the diabetes awareness program in 1986. It is created by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Diabetes Alert day 2019 was on March 26. National diabetes alert day 2019 opened the doors of many medical practitioners to the public. Many provided with a free risk test, free glucose screening, and diabetes educative classes or consulting, which we can also except this year.

Diabetes alert hashtags

#AmericanDiabetesAssociationAlertDay is a hashtag to use on both Twitter and Instagram to bring attention to this day.

You can also share the test with your friends and family and show them how important this day is. This way, many future diabetes cases may be prevented. We can do it together!

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American Diabetes Alert Day

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