Compression Sleeves

by Elyssa Conley

Skineez® introduces the first FDA-Cleared Compression Sleeves! Skineez® Compression Sleeves treat swelling due to trauma, surgery, lymphedema, edema, DVT, radiation therapy, or other circulatory conditions. You can see the new sleeves for the knee, calf, ankle, and arm here.

Skineez® Compression Sleeves are micro-massaging and skin-reparative. They treat your lymphatic system the same way as Skineez® Compression Socks  Lymphedema is a condition caused by damage or blockage of lymph nodes. This retains excess fluid in tissues, causing swelling, especially in the legs or arms. Many patients, such as breast cancer survivors, treat lymphedema through Compression Sleeves. Skineez® fabrics hydrate and repair your skin. In addition to the FDA Cleared, Skineez© is the only fabric clinically proven to improve the skin. People wearing Skineez® showed softer, smoother skin after just one hour, and the benefits were confirmed in the clinical trials again after one week of use.

These new Compression Sleeves from Skineez® use a patented microencapsulation technology. The Skineez® fabric delivers five essential vitamins and nutrients over time to protect and repair your skin. Shea butter moisturizes the skin. Apricot Kernel Oil increases elasticity. Rose Hip Oil rejuvenates through fatty acids and Vitamin A. Retinol, as a source of Vitamin A, helps cells reproduce normally and plays a role in your immune system. Vitamin E has been linked to cell repair.

Skineez® Replenishing Spray allows you to restore the original infusement. Spray the entire interior surface of the fabric after a wash. The unique fabric design captures the nutrients into the fibers and distributes them to your skin over time. Only the Skineez® fabric is engineered to retain the nutrients of the Skineez® replenishing spray. Consult your doctor for the specific recommendation of the compression level and usage for your condition. [link to how long to wear compression] The sleeves can also be used to treat mild symptoms before seeing a doctor and assist patients with DVT, varicose veins or related conditions.

Please select the best quality Compression Sleeve because it will give your skin the most benefit and the best value over time. Low-cost sleeves are rough and suck too much moisture out of the skin. The Skineez® fabric is latex-free. It is composed of 91% nylon and 9% spandex, which wicks moisture away from the body to keep your skin dry and healthy. The sleeve is micro-massaging, relaxing your muscles and ligaments as you move.

These new compression sleeves also help athletes to recover from injury. The 20-30 mmHg compression level is a medical-grade fabric to treat serious injuries. But athletes of all types can benefit from compression sleeves to treat minor injuries, prevent further harm to ligaments, joints, and muscles. Again, please consult your doctor for specific recommendations of compression level and duration to wear for your particular needs and treatment.

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