Why Buy Top Quality Compression Socks?

by Elyssa Conley

Choose the best quality Compression Sock because it will give your skin the most benefit and also give you the best value over time. Skineez© are the only FDA-Cleared  Compression Socks and will hydrate and repair your skin where others don’t.

Compare the Skineez© 10-20mmHg Compression Stocking, which is a medical grade compression sock that can be used for mild conditions under a physician’s supervision or to treat mild symptoms before seeing a doctor. This pressure sock is 97% nylon and 3% spandex, fibers that wick moisture away from the skin to keep your feet and legs dry and healthy. The fabric is engineered to encapsulate and deliver vital ingredients over time to protect and repair your skin. Skineez© is the only fabric clinically proven to hydrate and improve the skin. Subjects showed softer, smoother skin after just one hour and confirmed the benefits again after one week of use.

Understand Your Doctor’s Recommendation

Most people first consider Compression Socks on a recommendation from the doctor – either for themselves or for a parent or spouse for whom they care. Their next stop is the medical hose section in their drug store, mass merchandiser or grocery outlet, where they see a range of socks from inexpensive to higher price. Those budget socks look like an easy choice but be careful of how they can cost you!

First, the doctor recommended pressure socks to treat a medical condition that requires in-home care in place of or in addition to medication and medical procedures. If you have a serious medical condition then your doctor probably recommended a 20-30mmHg or a 30-40mmHg compression level. Make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendation for the pressure level and how long and frequently to wear the socks. While a low cost sock may say “compression” on the label, it does not mean you will get the benefit you need for your condition. Many of the low-end socks do not have gradient compression and will deliver too much pressure at the wrong parts of the sock. Skineez© stockings are non-binding with an extra-wide top for greater comfort and ease and to provide the right circulation back to your heart.

Circulation provides more oxygen to your injury or extremities and also affects the skin. A premium Compression Stocking such as those sold under the Skineez© brand improves the circulation to your foot and lower leg and also delivers healing vitamins and ingredients directly to your skin. Skineez© Compression Socks are the only FDA-Cleared Compression Sock.

Hidden cost of inexpensive stockings

Patients using the lowest priced hose will find themselves buying extra lotion and sometimes even bandages to treat dry skin and abrasions. The wrong material can be rough on the skin, or it can suck too much moisture out of the skin or even fail to wick sweat and moisture when needed. Skineez© fabrics use a patented microencapsulation technology to deliver five essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

Here is a simplified explanation of how the Skineez© encapsulated ingredients hydrate the skin. Shea butter moisturizes the skin. Apricot Kernel Oil increases elasticity. Rose Hip Oil rejuvenates through fatty acids and Vitamin A. Retinol, as a source of Vitamin A, helps cells reproduce normally and plays a role for your immune system. Vitamin E has been linked to cell repair.

The cost of these essential vitamins and nutrients would be exorbitant if you had to purchase them separately and try to apply them to your skin. People who buy the lowest priced stocking on the shelf are often buying lotions and hand creams to compensate for the rough fabric and deficiency of those socks. They may be spending more than the cost of the sock to buy a lotion with retinol, shea butter or Vitamin E alone. As a result they may spend up to 10 times the price of a pair of Skineez© Compression Socks trying to duplicate the health effects.

A large number of Skineez© buyers comment on the softness of the fabric and how comfortable these socks are for the skin. In the clinical studies, after just one hour, over 70% of respondents said the Skineez© fabrics were more comfortable than competitive products they have worn. Also, over half of the people using the Skineez© fabrics reported they saved time as compared to use of other garments and adding lotions and salves separately. Have you considered the cost of skin lotions, even before you shopped for Compression Hosiery?

Longevity of your Hosiery

The lowest-priced socks will generally wear faster and you’ll be replacing them several times compared to the life span of a premium support sock. Not only do premium stockings have a higher thread count with higher quality polyester but the gradient compression will provide pressure without abrasion to the parts of your foot and leg that need it most.

You can increase the longevity of your support hosiery through proper care. Skineez© allows you to restore the original infusement of nutrients through application of Skineez© replenishing spray. Simply wash your Skineez© Compression Stockings in cold or warm water and turn inside out to spray the entire surface while the sock is still damp. Air dry and your stockings will be infused like new. The special fabric design captures the infusement into the fibers and distributes the nutrients to your skin over time, as you use the socks and where the material rubs the most.

Other Ways to Extend the Life of your Socks

A 2020 NY Times article described how premium socks are well worth the value compared to cheap stockings that wear quickly. The article also described proper care of your hose to extend the life. Their tips included washing in cold water, using a mesh garment bag and using a mild, pH neutral detergent such as Woolite.

Other tips you should consider are to clip your toenails and to rotate between two pairs of hose. Change the support stockings frequently and wash them, especially if you are treating open wounds or skin conditions. Skineez© Compression Socks will wick excess moisture from the skin, which protects the skin and also the sock if you change and wash them regularly.

Choosing the Right Stocking

Skineez© Compression Socks come in a range of compression levels and a variety of lengths and colors. The right pressure sock for your condition will give you the greatest benefit and extend the life of your support hosiery. Always consult your doctor for your specific medical condition.

For example, doctors usually recommend a 20-30 or 30-40 mm Hg compression for an upper leg injury or following surgery to the upper leg or body. An ankle sprain might call for a 10-20mmHg compression sock. The Skineez© line of stockings also include Diabetic socks, which are non-compression, and workforce and sport socks. Injuries to the foot or ankle are usually treated with a crew length sock that does not restrict circulation into the foot, whereas more compression benefit will come from a knee length sock for the upper leg and body conditions. This article on “How Long Should You Wear Compression Socks?” may give you additional information on choosing pressure socks.

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