How long should you wear compression socks?

by Michelle Moran
How long should you wear compression socks?

Compression garments are not something we buy as often as we buy our everyday clothes. Because of that, we would like to take good care of them to last and preserve their capabilities. As experts in the compression garment industry, we decided to help. So, we are putting down some tips and tricks for you on caring for your compression socks.

If you are reading this and wondering, "What are compression socks?" then we suggest that you first read our article "Compression socks 101". But, here is a quick run through the subject for those who need something to fresh their memory.

What are medical compression socks?

Medical-grade compression stockings are socks made of medical-grade compression material. Compression runs from a mild compression between 10 and 15 mmHg and can go as high as 60 mmHg. 

How are these socks different from regular socks?

The material used for compression socks helps your veins to pump blood. It tightens firmly around your leg and foot, helping blood flow. Regular socks don't apply pressure.

How long should you wear compression socks?

Who can benefit from compression stockings?

There are many uses for medical-grade compression socks. Prevention and treatment of varicose veins, treating edema or swelling, and for faster muscle recovery after sports.

Anyone can benefit from these stockings. We all spend most of our day in shoes and socks, which doesn't allow our feet to breathe. Standing or sitting all day puts pressure on our feet and legs, making it harder for veins to pump the blood uninterruptedly. So, when you think about it: we can all benefit from compression socks.

How long should you wear compression socks?

Medical grade compression socks are great during pregnancy, after a long day at work, after a long flight while traveling, etc. 

Medical grade compression socks by Skineez

Unlike standard compression socks, Skineez compression wear is infused with a unique skin-reparative formula that replenishes skin. The combination of compression and hydrating therapy is micro-messaging and has a very relaxing effect on your body. It helps with both circulation problems and sensitive or dry skin. It is a natural treat for your feet!

Now that you have refreshed your memory, let’s talk about care.

How often should you wear compression socks?

Medical grade compression socks give you a boost while being active, standing on your feet, or sitting down. If you go with mild compression, there is no need to worry that the squeeze can be dangerous. Because of that, there are no reasons for you to limit yourself from wearing them. However, please wear them during the day when you are active and need a helping hand. As mentioned, these socks or stockings help when you can't find time during the day to stretch out or elevate your legs. So, there is no need to wear them if you are resting with your legs on the couch or lying down. If you are healthy and your feet get tired, there is no need for you to wear them to bed.

It is, however, highly suggested that you put them on when you wake up before standing so your feet won't swell and get tired. Also, the change between resting and standing up will not be as drastic if you get lightheaded from getting up quickly.

Now that you have refreshed your memory, let's talk about care.

How to care for compression socks?

Your compression socks should always be clean and dry when you are using them. Here are some tips on how to properly care for them:

  • Washing
    • Skineez socks are machine washable in cold water.
    • Never use chlorine-based bleach.
    • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Drying 
    • Line dry
    • Never put them into direct sunlight or heat (such as from radiators). The heat will damage the fabric.
    • Do not iron
    • Do not dry clean

Skineez hydrating formula:

How long should you wear compression socks?

After 10 washes, you should re-infuse them with our formula, using our Garment Replenishing Spray. In 4 simple steps, they will be as good as new!

How long do compression stockings last?

You can do your best to take care of your socks, but how long until you need a new pair? For the best experience and the sake of your feet, you should know when to replace your compression stockings.  Regular wear will cause the elastic to stretch out and no longer work. The best rhythm is to change them once every 3-4 months.


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