Wellness and Self-Care

by Elyssa Conley
Wellness and Self-Care

Celebrate National Wellness Month with these Skineez® products that will help you get fit and trim! Each week Skineez® will publish an article with tips and info related to Health and Wellness.

This article is part 2 in our 3 part series for Wellness Month. This week we will be exploring self-care.

Taking care of yourself is an essential part of wellness. The pandemic turned our routines upside down, which has altered our eating and exercise habits. A whopping 61% of people have put on weight due to nervous eating and the closing of many gyms. Ironically, one of the most significant COVID-19 risk factors is obesity. 

Life has slowly been getting back to normal, and we need to start focusing on self-care.

Some people have checked in their primary care physician only to discover they now have diabetes, blood circulation problems, varicose veins, or need surgery.

Leg, foot pain, or sensitive feet

If you find yourself saying "me too" to that, Skineez® can help. Our new Advanced Healing Sock is designed for you if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or have sore, sensitive feet. These socks are ultra-soft and provide light compression. These socks are great for Diabetes, Arthritis, and foot pain. They are seamless and, best of all, hydrating with Skin-Reparative moisturizers to protect and help heal irritated skin.


Edema, lymphedema, dysautonomia, varicose veins

If you suffer from circulation problems, lightheadedness, swelling, or enlarged veins on your legs, Skineez® compression socks are your best friend. Our technical fibers are infused with skin-reparative moisturizers that make the fabric ultra-soft and supple, making them easy to put on. In addition, our FDA-Cleared fabric moisturizes your skin just by wearing them. All of our compression socks are true medical-grade and come in three compression levels, Mild/Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm.


Many people had to put off surgery during the pandemic and are having it now. Your doctor or surgeon will recommend compression stocking for you to wear after the surgery to help you heal faster, reduce swelling and prevent DVTs. Most doctors will recommend Extra Firm compression to help, but your doctor will prescribe the pressure level best for you and your specific needs.


Long term goals

Taking care of yourself is an essential part of wellness. Self-care includes diet, exercise, allowing yourself downtime to rest, as well as following up with doctor appointments. As most of us know, diet and exercise are the two most significant things you can do as self-care. It's harder to stay on track when under the additional pressure of life and navigating the changing pandemic guidelines. Managing stress by allowing yourself time to rest, relax and have fun makes it easier to stick to your self-care goals and have more energy to spend time with loved ones. Skineez® moisturizing socks will keep you moving more comfortably to help you achieve your goals.

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