The perfect gift for Father’s Day

by Michelle Moran
The perfect gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, and you’ll need a perfect gift for your dad!
We love our fathers every day of the year, but why not use this special day and give them a little more than usual?

A long time ago a girl named Sonora decided it was unfair that mothers were given a special day, and fathers were left with nothing.  That is when she proposed to officiate the Father’s Day. This was 1910., but the date stuck to the present.

Father’s Day is here every year to remind the dads of their importance. Throughout the year, society more often speaks about mothers, sometimes putting fathers in their shadow.

In the year 2020, we are fighting all the traditional stereotypes, and the father’s role is one of them. Let’s show the world that fathers are equal, or at that, they should be equal participants of parenting. Let’s show the world that dads are awesome!

How many days until Father’s Day?

Father’s Day 2020 is June 21st. There are 2 more days from this date until Father’s Day. Every year Father's Day falls on the third Sunday of June. This is the tradition from 1910. 

Is Father’s Day an international holiday?

Father’s Day started as an American Holiday, but throughout the years it spread worldwide. Today there are many countries that have adopted the American date. Such countries are Canada, United Kingdom, France, Greece, and some countries in Asia and South America.

The perfect gift for Father’s Day

Some countries celebrate Father’s Day on other dates. Spain, Portugal, and Italy celebrate Father’s day in March, on the Day of Saint Joseph, who is considered the patron of fathers.

Even though some other European countries (such as Scandinavian countries) also celebrate this day on other dates, Father’s Day celebrated in June is the most common, and the most popular date for this celebration across the world.

What is the origin of Father’s Day?

Since Father’s Day is around for a long time, there are many speculation and theories revolving its origins. The one that is considered to have had the most impact on the tradition we know today, is the story about Sonora Smart Dodd.

Sonora Smart Dodd was one of the 6 children raised by a widower dad. She was the only girl in the family, and the eldest child. She was 16 when her mother had passed away during childbirth. Her father, William Smart, served as a sergeant during the Civil War.

Being a widower, and a veteran, Smart was also a farmer and a very devoted father. He shared a special bond with his eldest child Sonora, who helped him raise the younger boys.

One day while she was attending a sermon held in the name of a newly recognized Mother’s Day, Sonora felt as if the fathers as parents weren’t appreciated enough by the community. Having no mother, and watching her father raise 5 younger boys, she felt the urge of giving him back.

She then proposed to the Spokane Ministerial Alliance to officiate a day special focused on fathers. She proposed the date the 5th of June which was her father’s birthday. Since the date was pretty close, the church hadn’t had time to organize the event until the proposed date. Instead, they decided to move the date to the third Sunday of June.

How to surprise my husband for Father’s Day?

There are plenty of ideas on how to surprise your husband for Father’s Day. The best way to tell your husband “Happy Father’s Day” is to show him how much you and your child need him. The gift that keeps on giving are the best, as they go much beyond the one day of the year.

The perfect gift for Father’s Day

The best gift for husbands on Father’s Day is something he will use for years later. Something that will remind him how important he is to his family every time he uses it. So, think about it, what can that be? And don’t worry, we have some ideas! Keep on readin’!

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

We celebrate Father’s Day to honor our dads. A father’s role is just as important as the mother’s, and there is a need to give appreciation to all the fathers out there.

In 1957. there was a proclaimer made by the senator from Maine Margaret Chase Smith that stated:

“Either we honor both our parents, mothers and fathers, or let us desist from honoring either one. But to single out just one of our two parents and omit the other is the most grievous insult imaginable.”

Even though it passed more than 60 years from this statement, fathers are still not given enough credit. So, let’s celebrate our dads, our friends’ dads, our neighbors. Let’s honor our granddads, our husbands, and all the single dads out there that are giving their lives to raise great kids.

Kiss them, smile at them, and maybe give them a gift that will remind them on their importance.  

What came first – Mother’s Day or Father’s Day?

Mother’s Day came in 1908. Although it is thought that the first Father’s Day was celebrated the same year, it was not officiated.

Official Father’s Day was started in 1910 on the request of Sonora Smart Dodd, a daughter of a war veteran widower. While she attended the celebration of Mother’s Day in her church, Sonora felt as if the fathers weren’t appreciated enough.

She was very proud of her father, thus made a proposition to also officiate a Father’s Day. Even though she proposed it to fall on her father’s birthday, the 5th of June, due to organizational problems, it was officiated for the third Sunday of June. This is the date we still respect, and the official date of Father’s Day in the United States, and many international countries.

Father’s Day gifts for elderly dad

The best Father’s Day gifts for elderly dads are the gifts that say you want him and need him around for as longs as that is possible. Those are the gifts that support their health, that make their lives more comfortable, and that makes your time together more possible.

The perfect gift for Father’s Day

Medical compression socks or gloves are an awesome gift for your elderly dad! Why? Because they are comfy, they help blood circulation, make life more comfortable and easier, AND they provide overall improvement of life quality for the long run.

Why SKINEEZ is the perfect gift for Father’s Day?

Skineez compression garments are specially made to help deal with circulation problems, varicose veins, leg pain, and swelling. They can give your dad a lot more miles to walk, more comfortable family dinners, better sleep, and a more positive mind.

Skineez compression socks are the only clothing that is also a moisturizer. Infused with 5 essential elements for hydration, they deal with cracked skin, psoriasis, irritation, eczema, etc.

With Skineez compression socks and gloves, you get 2 in 1 – professional skin hydration treatment and medical compression treatment.

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