National winter skin relief day

by Michelle Moran
National winter skin relief day

Winter skin relief day (January 8th) is right behind us. This year, we gave an extra eye to this day, and we got to the conclusion that it is not getting enough attention. So, we did some research on it, and here is what we have learned.

National winter skin relief day is there every year to remind us that winter can be pretty harsh to our skin. Cold weather and dry air can cause skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, or itching and cracking. For that reason, winter skin relief day is there to reminds us of good skincare practices.

How to protect your skin from winter? 

Applying natural moisturizers on hands and face more often, altering your shower routine and using natural non-drying soaps are just some of the things we can do to provide extra protection to our skin. Taking at least some of these tips, you can avoid getting psoriasis, eczema, itch, and skin cracking, which are all a common problem during winter.

How does winter affect us?

Winter is a special season that affects both our physical and psychological state. Holidays bring joy and a special euphoria, but they can often leave us tired. Cold and cloudy weather carry certain melancholy with them, while snow brings us an adventurous spirit. So, winter can be an emotional roller-coaster. But what about our physical state?

How winter affects our skin?

National winter skin relief day

Fresh and crisp winter air can be a rebirth to our respiratory system. However, it is certainly not a rebirth to our skin. Even our respiratory system can be fooled by fresh air because we often lack moisture in our homes. However, the real kick from winter goes directly to our skin, and especially to our hands and face.

Cold wind can dry our skin so fast that we can sometimes feel it just from a 30 minutes’ walk. Most of us don’t wear any protection from the cold on our faces, so our mouth and cheeks are affected by harsh weather every time we go out of the house. Gloves on our hands help us stay warm and don’t get wet from snow, but the constant change between outsides temperature and insides temperature makes our hands vulnerable.

Common winter skin problems

Common winter skin problems are dry and itchy skin, skin cracking and even developing psoriasis or eczema. Some minor issues we can treat easily with a good hand crème, but psoriasis or eczema can sometimes give us a hard time for years when they once develop.

Because of the commonness of these problems, January 8th was given the title of National winter skin relief day, so it would remind us to take extra actions in our skincare routine. So, let’s dig in and find out how to protect your skin from winter dryness and cold weather.

Skin protection in winter

There is plenty of reason for you to protect your skin in winter. Even if you don’t have a daily skincare routine, you should have it during winter. Here are some things you should consider avoiding during winter:

Long and steamy showers and baths

We all love long and hot showers, especially to warm up a little when we get back from a snowy adventure. However, these little enjoyments actually hurt our skin. Excessive heat destroys natural oils from our skin which can cause irritation and even inflammation. After long showers, our skin is more prone to cracking, so it is better to avoid this winter temptation. Instead, a lukewarm shower that will also warm us up, and not longer than 5 minutes will keep our skin protected. 

Unnatural soaps and shower gels

Harsh and strongly scented soaps are never a recommendation. But during winter, you should try even harder to avoid them. These soaps and shower gels almost always dry our skin, and, as you know, skin in winter is especially sensitive. Natural, gentle and pH-neutral shower gels and soaps are a way to go during winter. This especially applies to face soaps and even dish-washing soaps. 

Scrubbing and rubbing with a towel

Try to avoid loofahs and shower brushes, as they can be too harsh for your skin in this period. This is also the case with rubbing with a towel instead of just gently tapping your skin with it. 

Unnatural fabrics

Unnatural fabrics in your close, like synthetic, can irritate your skin so try using cotton or other natural materials for wearing under sweaters and wool.

How to keep your skin healthy and glowing in winter?

The main thing you should do is add extra moisture to your skin. But how to do it? Well, simply. You should find some good natural moisturizers and cremes and apply them more frequently. The best time to apply body moisturizer is right after your shower when you dry up with your towel. While the door or shower curtain is still closed, you are surrounded by steam, so your skin pores stay open longer. That is the time when your skin absorbs moisture the best. 

The key thing is to do a little research on your skin type and find the best solution for your skin. Many people are surprised to hear that oily skin during winter also needs moisturizers, and not only during winter. Whichever type of skin you have you can benefit a lot from some extra moisture.

The best moisturizers for dry skin in winter

National winter skin relief day

The best moisturizers are naturally based. For some people Vitamin E (retinol) is a great moisturizer, for some it is honey, and undoubtfully shea butter is a great moisturizer. Olive oil for dry skin in winter can also be a good choice, but everything, once again, depends on your skin type. All of the above can be excellent ingredients for homemade moisturizers for dry or oily skin in winter. 

Skineez® skincare products vs. winter

We at Skineez have our own well-thought weapon for the cold weather and dry skin – hydrating compression garment. Our compression products are 2 in 1! They deliver compression and hydrate your skin at the same time!

Our socks are meant to keep your feet warm, your veins active and your ankles flexible. Our gloves to stylishly warm you up during cold weather and help with arthritis pain, and our clothes to help you stay in shape and feel tight and fresh. With all that, all our products are infused with a hydrating and cell-revitalizing formula made from shea butter, retinol, vitamin E, rosehip oil and apricot kernel oil. Now your clothes will take care of your skin just by wearing them! 

National winter skin relief day

With our products we are celebrating National winter relief day every day of the year, and so should you!

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