Compression Socks for Travel

by Elyssa Conley

As life slowly turns back to normal, many of you are returning to air travel for business or pleasure. While flying, you may experience the discomfort of edema or similar circulatory problems. You may have heard about compression socks for travel or flight socks but are unsure what they are or if you need them. Skineez® offers several options perfect for every traveler, regardless of your needs. We are happy to clarify the information to help you decide which compression flight socks are right for you.

Travel socks, flight socks, or compression stockings, what's the difference?

To quickly surmise, nothing. Flight, travel, and compression socks are different names for the same garment, only the sock's quality, style, and comfort may differ between brands.

What are my options?

The most effective sock is true gradient, knee-high, compression socks. Skineez® offers a variety of true gradient compression in weights, colors, and styles. The most popular weight is the 10-20mmHg which is mild to moderate pressure, is safe and effective for most people, and comes in 16 gorgeous colors! Next is the 20-30mmHg firm compression, which is more clinical and recommended if you have chronic edema. The third compression level is 30-40mmHg which your doctor may recommend if you have severe edema or are at risk for DVTs.

Skineez® also offers mild to moderate compression in the Sport Socks, which comes in Crew and Ankle length. Crew length is a good option if you get minor swelling in your feet and ankles. If only your feet swell, then you can get away with wearing an ankle-length compression sock.

Why should you wear flight socks?

If you have flown before and noticed your feet and ankles had swollen and made it uncomfortable to hobble off the plane, you will benefit from travel socks. The longer the flight, the more valuable you will find these socks. You may associate compression socks for flying with preventing DVTs, but your risk of developing a blood clot is minimal unless you are flying for more than 8 hours. However, swollen feet and ankles are very common, even on short flights. Although it is usually harmless, the swelling can make walking painful, causing additional stress.

Gravitational Edema

Edema or swelling of your feet and ankles due to air travel happens when you sit for an extended period, which causes blood to pool in your feet. Air travel exasperates the swelling due to air pressure, limited space, restricted movement, and gravity. This pooling of blood puts a strain on your veins and can cause varicose veins and potentially cause blood to clot for some people at risk.

Who is at Risk?

Edema is more likely to be a problem for people with poor circulation, less active people meaning those who exercise less than 30 minutes a day, have certain diseases, some medications, and pregnancy.

Why Skineez® are the Best Compression Socks for Flying

When choosing a travel sock, a top-quality sock is a wise investment. Skineez® is the only FDA-Cleared, clinically proven compression that protects your skin. Skineez® uses patented micro-encapsulation technology that makes the fabric incredibly soft and supple, making it easier to put on than other compression brands, and they moisturize your skin while you wear them. Your feet will feel more refreshed and energized for your trip.


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