Beauty Benefits of Compression Socks and Wear

by Elyssa Conley

Compression Wear is probably best known for the health benefits to circulation. But Skineez® Compression Socks and apparel help tone your body through micro-massaging, muscle support, and skin repair. The patented fabric construction of Skineez® gives these unique beauty benefits to your shape and skin.

Skineez® fabrics use micro-sphere technology to hold nutrients for the skin, and this micro-sphere design also massages your body.

As you move, the layers of fabric link together over the parts of your body where it rubs the most. This combination creates the micro-massaging to warm and loosen your joints and muscles. The micro-massaging dilates your blood vessels to give more specific circulation to the area you treat with the fabric. Circulation brings oxygen and nutrients through the blood to repair any injury in that spot. The friction also releases nutrients from the Skineez® material where and when you need it.

In particular, the microencapsulation of Skineez© patented clothing holds five essential vitamins and nutrients and delivers these moisturizers over time to protect and repair your skin. Shea butter moisturizes the skin, and apricot Kernel Oil increases skin elasticity. Rose Hip Oil rejuvenates through fatty acids and Vitamin A. Retinol, as a source of Vitamin A, increases collagen in your skin to reduce fine lines, and vitamin E speeds up skin repair. The combination of these ingredients is a powerhouse of skin rejuvenation! The patented fabric construction delivers these nutrients to your skin when you flex and as you move in the clothing.

These benefits delivered by Skineez® fabrics were proven in clinical studies. No competitive products have undergone this testing or proven these types of claims.

Skineez® is the only fabric for compression socks and garments and for diabetic socks that have been FDA-Cleared for the nutrients encapsulated in the materials and delivered to your skin.

Skineez® garments also feature a premium design and material to shape and tone your body. You will see the advantage of Skineez® capris, sport sleeves, and socks as you wear them. And even the socks will bolster the ankles for people treating circulatory conditions from diabetes, DVT, edema, or varicose veins.

Skineez® fabrics are ultra-soft, supple, and the highest quality materials. Skineez® provides the world's softest socks for maximum comfort and skin protection. Skineez® is the first layer of care for your feet. Choose Skineez® products to get the health and beauty benefits you deserve. Only Skineez® items have the patented design and nutrients to treat your physique and skin, and Skineez® helps keep you beautiful while treating and repairing your body.

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