How To Wear & Care

Skineez® is the ONLY FDA-Cleared skin protectant fabric clinically proven to repair, hydrate, and renew your skin while increasing circulation.

Each garment is pretreated with Skineez® moisturizers, lasting for up to 10 washes, then reinfusing with Skineez® Garment Replenishing Spray!

Follow these simple directions to ensure a proper sock fit and a healthy experience.

  1. Place your hand inside the sock and grab the heel pocket. Holding the heel pocket firmly, pull the stocking inside until the heel pocket is outside the hose.
  2. With a firm grasp on each side of the sock, gently pull the sock over your toes and adjust the heel pocket so that it aligns properly with your heel. Adjust so that your foot feels comfortable in the hose. The sock will be on your foot, with the leg portion remaining inside out.
  3. Pull up the leg portion by turning it right side out, a small section at a time. Gently stretch the leg portion up your calf. Smooth out the wrinkles as you go.
  4. The top of the sock should reach just below your knee.
  5. Never roll down the top of the sock if it is too long! If the hose is too long, slide your thumbs inside the top, slide the material down, and smooth out any wrinkles. Smoothing will ensure a comfortable fit. If you can't smooth it out, you may need to try a smaller size.
  6. Remove the sock by grasping the top and "peeling" the sock inside out down your leg.
  7. Be sure to turn your stocking right side out before washing.


Skineez® Skin-Reparative® fabrics use technical fibers infused with a time-released encapsulation that stays active over several wash-and-wear cycles– typically up to 10 washes, depending on your skin type.

After 10 washes, turn your fabrics inside out while wet. Shake the bottle well and spray for approximately 5 seconds on each side.

Afterward, lay flat to dry.

When washing your Skineez® between reinfusements, hand wash separately in cold water. Only use non-chlorine bleach when needed.

Line dry. Do not iron.

After 10 washes, you should re-infuse them with our formula, using our Garment Replenishing Spray. In 4 simple steps, they will be as good as new!

Skin-Reparative Ingredients

Wearable Skincare®
Wearable Skincare®
Wearable Skincare®
Retinol is an antioxidant that protects & revitalizes skin while also restoring and recovering broken tissue. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that may hinder the aging process of cells. It improves skin elasticity, moisturizes & fights free radicals. Caffeine helps reduce swelling when applied to the skin and makes skin appear smoother.

Wearable Skincare®

Wearable Skincare®

Wearable Skincare®
Shea Butter has natural anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to hydrate & soothe skin. Apricot Kernel Oil repairs and nourishes skin by promoting cell renewal, and is especially beneficial for acne prone skin. Rose Hip Oil is full of vitamins and antioxidants. This hydrates skin, reduces scaring, & reduces fine lines.


Garment Replenishing Spray for Skineez Shapewear

How long should you wear compression socks?

After 10 washes, you should re-infuse them with our formula, using our Garment Replenishing Spray. The bottle has approximately 15-20 reinfusements. Bottle only works with Skineez patented products.