Testimonials From Consumers

"Recently while on vacation at the beach, my wife fell breaking her femur and needed surgery to implant a rod. Doctors wanted her to use compression socks. When we returned to Denver and altitude, the swelling became worse in both legs. The socks the hospital provided and those we found in drugstores were hard to put on and adjust the alignment. We discovered SKINEEZ hydrating compression socks in Walmart at a better price. The size and compression were identical and yes, they were easy to put on, remove, align the heal, and at the end of the day her leg seems more normal. She definitely likes how the rib effect of the material as it makes it easy to ensure they are straight. For the rest of her recovery we will stick with this “Made in the USA” product." -Bob & Claudia

“I suffer from extremely dry skin and have had years of foot problems with normal boot socks. All the SKIN-EEZ socks that I’ve tried have helped moisturize my skin and the compression socks have helped with the circulation in my legs. I wore these through two deployments and highly recommend giving them a try!!!"-David Woods, U.S. Army Retired

"I learned of Michelle and her team last year, and of her Skin-EEZ socks. When I received the socks, my wife, who has joint issues, and I both tried them out. The socks work great in Florida’s humid climate and my wife raves about them. My wife is especially prone to blisters and she loves these socks because they reduce hot spots and heel chafing. We both experienced exceptional results and will recommend Skin-EEZ products to our friends, family and active military colleagues. Thank you for producing a superior product!" -Lee G. Hudson, Colonel, US Army Retired

"I had the fortune of meeting Michelle in 2015, while in Brigade Command and learned of her new Skin-EEZ Hydrating socks. After receiving several pairs of socks, I passed them out to my Soldiers for testing and evaluation.  Over the next several months in the spring of 2016 my Soldiers wore the socks in combat in Afghanistan and other OCONUS locations.   I received several good reports that the socks worked extremely well and keep the Soldiers feet dry and hydrated even in the hottest weather and dramatical reduced the number of hot spots on there feet from heat and sweat.  Skin-EEZ socks were very effective in foot care and keeping my Soldiers feet in better condition then the standard boot sock.  These were a much better option for Soldiers than expensive socks from major retailers that did not provide any better feet protection from moisture and extremely dry feet that most soldiers incur during hot, dry combat environments.   I saw positive results and recommend this product for Soldier wellness." -Richard Menhart, Colonel, US Army Retired

"I just wanted to drop a line and let you know I received the package with the socks and all the other goodies.  I am so impressed with your customer service, and I have told this to so many of my friends. This was an incredible act on your part, and I do certainly appreciate it.  I certainly will continue to use your product.  Thank you again, and Happy New Year to you and yours. -Vicki Jaeger

"I am so happy with the SKINEEZ products I purchased for my 74-year-old mother. Her disability and arthritis make everyday movement very difficult for her, and medications cause her skin to become very dry and fragile. The socks and capris are so soft and stretch that she can easily put them on by herself, and the slight compressions helps to alleviate neuropathy pain.  Her feet and legs are so much healthier and more resistant to scrapes and abrasion rashes. I also purchased the gloves for her arthritic hands; she loves them!  The fingerless design allows her to use her Smartphone and computer without removing the gloves, and they are stylish enough to wear outside in cold weather." - Alicia

"I am so excited to have found SKINEEZ!! I suffer from extremely dry skin and circulatory problems in my legs due to diabetes. All of the SKIN-EEZ products that I’ve tried have helped moisturize my skin and the compression socks have helped with the circulation in my legs. I love SKINEEZ products and highly recommend giving them a try!"- Kimberly

"I just love my SKINEEZ capris and socks. They are so soft and comfortable, it as though I am wearing nothing. I always have a problem with flaky skin when the cold weather comes, but now with SKINEEZ my skin is so soft, smooth, and hydrated.  I finally found my soul mate-SKINEEZ!!!  Thank you for making such great product." - Ida, Dix Hills

"I purchased the gloves and the pants today. I wore both of them for 2 hours. After just 1 hour of use I noticed a big difference! My hands and legs were a lot softer. I am glad I found this product and I will be buying more in the future." - Jennifer 

“Being pregnant with my second baby, I find it uncomfortable just wearing any kind of pants. But these SKINEEZ are so incredibly comfortable, soft and it feels amazing on my skin. It's like MAGIC!!! Thank you SKINEEZ for making my life better.” - Kaye

“I just got my first pair of capris.  I am 5'1" and these are almost ankle length; which I don't mind. I don't see how these can firm but I can definitely feel them hydrate. To say they are comfy is an understatement. I would buy these over Lularoe any day.” - Kirsty

“I love my SKINEEZ gloves so much & was glad for the opportunity to get them!  They snuggle my hands but not too tight and I love the way my hands feel after wearing them!” - R. Freedman

"I purchased several of your products and I a currently wearing the Hydration Gloves as I am typing this review.  I have trouble with really dry skin in the winter months and I get tired of always having to put lotion on my hands.  The gloves make it so much better than always putting the lotion on.  Thanks for my making my life a little easier. " - Trish

“I am a size 18-20 and I worried that the Capri pants in XL would be too tight but they fit great!  Not only do they fit great, but they are so comfortable and soft.  In the winter I live in leggings and I love the idea of my skin being moisturized while I am wearing them instead of getting all dried and flaky.  The Capri pants are also quite long and nearly reach my ankles, so they can be worn under a dress or skirt with boots in the winter.” - Eva 

"After purchasing two different pairs of support socks from pharmacies it was a struggle to get them on my foot let alone up my leg. I gave up. I got the socks and after wearing them for three consecutive days I can say my feet and lower legs look almost normal. After many months of terrible swelling it was so exciting to see. Might even see how it goes without my twice weekly Lasix pill which the doc put me on because the swelling was so sever he thought my skin would split. Again, thank you for this product." - Julie

Wow, SKINEEZ! Well first, so comfy!! I wear everyday, and I wear at the gym every morning. I think SKINEEZ offers so much to my body each day as I put on my products. I tell everyone at the gym what they should be wearing. I run and exercise, while my body is getting infused with the ingredients it needs and was missing out on for years. I just love what SKINEEZ has to offer for me, and with a simple spray after 8 or so uses, they’re just like brand new!“ - Jeni

“The SKINEEZ tank top camisole not only hydrates my skin, but is also super cute and comfy. It has a lace bottom so your can dress it up or dress it down. For my profession I have to wear an all black uniform so the black cami is key to wear to work. The fabric is also body shaping, making your silhouette perfected and your curves super smooth. I can honesty say I am a fan of this product and would recommend it to anyone looking to firm and soften their skin" - Gaby

“I can’t believe the wonders it works on my skin. I’ve constantly been in a battle with my skin and having it smooth, the way I have always dreamed of. My dreams came true with SKINEEZ products, not only smoothing my skin, but providing it with lift and moisture. Wearing SKINEEZ just at work is something I enjoy, but on my off time I find myself putting on my cami, and capris running errands, and going shopping..'' - Kerri

“First off, the capri leggings are super soft and comfortable. I wore them around the house, out on errands and you can also sleep in them. This is one of the benefits I loved the most about SKINEEZ. What girl doesn’t love a comfy pair of leggings? But a pair that your skin can benefit from? Amazing." - Rachel

“I started wearing the garments thinking it was going to be a chore, but honestly, they are so comfortable that I forget that I am even wearing one. I definitely plan on continuing to wear the SKINEEZ garments to maintain and improve the smoothness of my skin!" - Piper

“SKINEEZ are my new favorite articles of clothing, I work from home most days and I wouldn’t want to work in any other outfit. I always make arrangements to find the perfect top to match my capri. The pieces are so versatile that I can get away with wearing them all the time. I am putting the thigh slimmer in my bridesmaids gift boxes, because I know they will appreciate SKINEEZ as much as I do." - Hannah

“My mom has always been such an advocate for Skineez, and she steered me in the right direction. I think they’re great, and it is amazing how they work. It’s a great feeling to have smoothed, soothed, and firm skin..." - Keri

"I recently purchased the hydrating gloves and they moisturized my hands within the hour. They are very comfortable to wear the aroma is wonderful." - Brenda

“The SKINEEZ camisole I purchased had an excellent fit and soft fabric. I would definitely recommend the comfortable fitting, soft SKINEEZ camisole to my family and friends.“ - Sam

"I orderd (2) pairs of your Graduated Light Hydrating Compression Socks on Tuesday June 23rd for my husband. They arrived in Benson, AZ on Friday June 26th.  Amazing service. My husband has worn compression socks since 2008 and he stated that these are the most comfortable ones he has ever had. He loves the softness of the fabric and the moisturizing quality. The skin on his legs which was very dry and stiff  is improving daily, becoming softer and more supple. He is especially pleased with the fact that they are made in the USA by women entrepreneurs. Thank you for making a great product. Respectfully, Kathy Pohlman " - Kathy

"BTW....Love the Skineez....very nice product...cooler material for these hot Georgia days and easier to get on than most!! Thanks so much for your prompt reply....I totally appreciate your kindness! Stay Safe and Stay Healthy! Have a Blessed!

P.S. I am a Happy Camper that these are made in the United States AND that they are Latex Free!!" - Wendy S.

"I am thoroughly impressed that you responded so quickly. I appreciate it very much! I look forward to sharing about SKINEEZ and doing business with you again. What a pleasure." - Kate

"I am so glad that you picked up my request to change the sizes on the order. That was very efficient. Excellent customer service. Regards." - Maxeen A.

"Hi, I need to get some compression stockings that goes up to the thigh, I just bought a pair of Skineez Compression stockings from Walmart Pharmacy. I tried them on and they are so nice and soft! Thank you!" - Joyce

"Bought Skineez Compression Stockings in Walmart. Best stockings ever had on! Thanks!" - Madeline B.

"Thank you so much for the stockings. I bought my first pair because the package said easy to put on and much to my surprise everything it said on the package was true. I will certainly tell all my friends about them as they are great to wear traveling. Great product founded by a woman is just what we needed. Your #1 fan." - Peggy B

"My mom ordered a pair of compression socks and really likes them. She struggles awful with circulation issues and gets sores on her legs, that are really uncomfortable. I told her about Skineez compression socks and she ordered them. She said they are a great price and are very comfortable." - Lauren


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