The Best Compression Shapewear - Our Story

About the Founder/Creator

Michelle Moran

The Best Compression Shapewear - Our Story

Michelle Moran is an established entrepreneur with over 20 years of apparel industry experience and a recognized leader promoting social causes through fashion.

In 2007, Michelle started Skineez®, her newest line of compression fabrics. Michelle had learned about cosmetic textiles and recognized their potential in the United States. Her idea for Skineez® came from her experience while wearing compression garments recommended by her doctor after surgery. Experiencing how uncomfortable and drying the garments were, Michelle knew that the industry would benefit from creating wearable skincare.

Skineez® is the only FDA-cleared brand of compression garments. Working with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jacofsky of the Core Institute, Michelle proved the skin's elasticity would increase 19% while wearing Skineez®. Only Skineez® compression items are clinically proven to repair the skin.

Skineez® has changed the world of compression wear through its innovative line. Skineez® provides all of the benefits of true medical-grade, graduated compression while protecting the skin's surface. Skineez® is wearable skincare.

The Best Compression Shapewear - Our Story

Michelle is a recognized leader promoting social causes. In 2005, Michelle launched Clothes For A Cause and The Pink Ribbon Collection for active women. Portions of every sale were donated to underinsured women. In 2006, Michelle was asked to partner with First Lady Barbara Bush's "Red Dress" nationwide campaign, defining the new symbol of wellness and early detection for Heart Disease at Saks Fifth Avenue and Marshall Fields. Portions of every sale were donated to provide cholesterol tests for women in need. Michelle also donates a portion of the sales to St. Jude’s Hospital and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Skineez® is a Women-owned business with a Rating of A-plus from the Better Business Bureau. Products are proudly made in the USA. Skineez® can be found nationwide at your favorite pharmacy and high-end shopping network and mass retailers near you.


  • Member, Small Business Association in 2014
  • Certified as a Women-Owned Business
  • Top Female Entrepreneur in Boston
  • Awarded as one of the Top 22 Women Entrepreneurs Nationwide

Born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Michelle studied communications at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is an avid skier and golfer with interest in health and fitness. Michelle lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts, with her son and dog.