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    About the Founder/Creator

    Michelle Moran

    About SkineezMichelle Moran is an established entrepreneur with more than 15 years of apparel industry experience, and a recognized leader in promoting social causes through fashion. In 2007, having recognized the enormous potential for cosmetotextile applications in the North American apparel market, Michelle developed her newest line, – SKINEEZ® Skincarewear®. SKINEEZ uses patented microencapsulation technology to deliver natural cosmetic ingredients to firm, tone, and slim while wearing.Her vision was derived from the experience she had while wearing post-surgery compression garments recommended by her doctor. Realizing how uncomfortable and painful the garments made her feel, Michelle knew that the industry would benefit from the creation of Skincarewear®. SKINEEZ® is changing the expectations that women have of their clothing by offering items from post-surgery undergarments that promote wellness, to everyday shapers and active wear that contour and slim the body- all while delivering moisture to the skin.

    Through clinical studies with SKINEEZ® Skincarewear®, she was able to show an increase of 19% in the skin’s elasticity and create real comfort while wearing the garments. With women’s fast-paced lifestyles juggling families and managing careers, SKINEEZ® Skincarewear® is there to care for women’s skin all day and night just by wearing the garments we love every day.

    Just prior to starting SKINEEZ Skincarewear® ,Michelle launched the Pink Ribbon Collection in 2005, a line of comfortable clothing for active women who were passionate about health & fitness. It was in 2006 that Michelle was asked to partner with First Lady Barbara Bush’s “Red Dress” nationwide campaign, defining the new symbol of wellness and early detection for Heart Disease at Saks Fifth Avenue and Marshall Fields. Portions of every sale were donated to provide cholesterol tests for women in need. This was the catalyst for Michelle’s interest in cosmetotextiles.

    Born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Michelle studied communications at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts with her son.