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    Medical compression is a term used to describe treatment (and prevention) with the help of compression therapy, and compression garments. Compression therapy is commonly used to treat circulatory issues, fluid retention, ankle and wrist pain, muscle cramps and twitches, and more. 

    Medical compression promotes healthy blood flow, breaks clots, and helps get rid of excess fluids by evenly squeezing (compressing) the affected part of the body. The squeezing acts like a motor that helps bodily fluid to stay in their normal motion and rhythm.

    Medical Grade Compression Garments

    Medical grade compression garments are specially made from compression materials for patients to be able to “wear the treatment”. Many people first encounter compression therapy after surgery, using it as a post-surgery recovery, or after they were advised by their doctor to treat existing problems.

    Not many people know that compression therapy is healthy and good for anybody and that it influences the proper functioning of the body. Many diseases and problems could be prevented with medical-grade compression if they are used on time. 

    Medical compression garments have helped many patients deal with everyday struggles in a simple way with no side-effects.

    Medical Grade Compression Socks

    Medical Compression
    • Medical grade compression socks are the most common and most used compression garment. Legs and feet suffer the most from bad veins and circulation problems, so many people turn to compression socks for help. Whether you are working on your feet or sitting at the office all day, compression socks can help you maintain a healthy motion of the blood. This is incredibly important for our body. It helps get rid of toxins, excess fluid, and waste. It helps prevent and minimize pain, ache, and bad veins. 
    • Medical grade compression socks from SKINEEZ come in two levels of compression10-15mmHg and 15-20mmHg. According to your needs, they will provide you with the right compression to suit your everyday life. 
    • Besides the compression, our socks (and other compression garments) use micro-encapsulation technology that infuses the garments with 5 essential natural skincare ingredients. So, they also provide hydration and nourishment for your skin needs. Our compression garments are the first on the market to also become “wearable skincare”. See here what inspired us.

    Medical Grade Compression Tights

    Medical Compression
    • Medical Grade Compression Tights are compression shapewear that is meant to tone the body, help promote abdominal blood circulation, and shape the body’s imperfections under clothing. 
    • SKINEEZ Miracle Toning Thigh Smoother is also good for pregnant women to keep the belly fixed and in place, and to hydrate and massage it while wearing them.
    • The material we chose for these thigh shapers is very soft, lightweight, and medium compressive. This means that you don’t have to worry about your blood circulation if you are wearing them for a long time. The compression on this thigh smoother is just about the right to keep your blood flowing. In fact, they are a great solution for people with circulation problems, to help them balance the natural flow.
    • Also, the micro-messaging fabric, rich in vitamins and essential oils, will nourish, rejuvenate, and care for your skin.

    Medical Grade Compression Leggings

    • Medical grade compression leggings are good for just anybody. Running, training and jogging are both healthier and easier in compression leggings. The compression supports the muscles, prevents muscle cramps, and helps with faster recovery after the workout. 
    • Besides providing strong support, they are clinically tested and proven to have moisturizing, anti-aging, and nourishing effects.

    Medical Grade Compression Gloves

    Medical Compression
    • Medical grade compression gloves are also called Arthritis gloves. The compression around the finger and ankles support healthy blood flow and prevents ankle ache. 
    • Compression gloves provide comfort with manual work and help minimize the stress that we put on our hands daily. 

    Hydrating properties that we put into our SKINEEZ gloves heal cracked and dry skin, so they are perfect for the winter. They also provide overall comfort and protection from the cold weather, by keeping your blood in motion.

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