Women in Construction Week

by Elyssa Conley

This week is Women in Construction (WIC) Week and pays tribute to the women who make up nearly 10% of the industry. The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), which has more than 4,000 members in chapters across the US, sponsors this week to bring awareness to the role of women in construction. NAWIC helps members through education, networking, and leadership training.

As a Women-Owned business, Skineez® supports women, and our Workforce Collection is perfect for anyone in construction. Our unisex socks are a unique combination of moisturizing and compression. Combined with our seamless, stay-up fabric that doesn't bunch and reduces abrasion that can irritate your skin or cause blisters from a long day of work, from all the ways you use your feet and legs to get the job done. 

Skineez® compression garments are clinically proven* to protect and repair skin. They are the only FDA-Cleared compression that improves skin condition through hydration. Our microencapsulation infuses all of our garments with shea butter, rose hip oil, retinol, and more!

We created a Skineez® Workforce bundle. Get a Workforce Pro Advanced Healing Protective Compression Knee-High, a pair of Workforce Pro Advanced Healing Protective Compression Gloves, and Garment Replenishing Spray for just $45 plus free shipping!


*In a 4-week clinical study conducted by The Consumer Testing Institute amongst 27 people who wore Skineez® for eight hours a day, six days a week, and used the Spray for the last four weeks.

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