Winter Sports Packing Essentials

by Elyssa Conley

What is the best thing about winter? Some people may say it's the holiday season. Others would say hot chocolate and a cozy fire, but we would say that the best thing about winter is winter sports.

There is no feeling that could replace the exhilaration you feel when you are sliding down the slopes, skating, or enjoying the fresh air while snowshoeing. Here are some tips for packing for a winter sports getaway. As you would imagine, winter sports gear essentials are an excellent warm parka and a pair of windproof/waterproof pants. Even though these are essential, you need a few more things in your suitcase.

Make Skineez® part of your winter sports gear essentials.

Skineez® is the Only FDA-Cleared and Clinically Proven Compression that Improves Skin Condition through Hydration.

Your base layers help keep you warm and protect your skin. Skineez® compression wear will improve your performance, and sore muscles will recover faster. Skineez® micro-encapsulation technology makes the fabrics ultra-soft and easy to put on. They are clinically proven to moisturize and repair your skin. Skineez© patented clothing has five ingredients to hydrate and protect your skin from the winter air. Shea butter moisturizes, Apricot Kernel Oil increases elasticity, Rose Hip Oil rejuvenates through fatty acids, Vitamin E has been linked to cell repair, and Retinol is a skin protectant.

Winter is hard on your skin. Skineez® fabrics will hydrate and repair your skin where other brands don't. The material is engineered to deliver essential ingredients to your skin over time, and Skineez© is the only FDA-Cleared compression wear.

What you should pack

A good pair of socks
Skineez® compression sports socks are fantastic. Skineez® Sport socks offer mild to moderate compression; they boost your circulation and keep your feet warm. They will also provide you with the stability to help prevent injuries. Skineez® Sport socks have a reinforced toe and heel to help protect your skin from blisters. Unlike other compression brands, the fabric is ultra-soft and easy to put on. And they moisturize your feet which can get dry and flaky from the cold, dry air.

Compression leggings or leg sleeves
Compression tights or sleeves are an absolute must. A good pair of leggings will keep you warm and prevent wind and snow from getting next to your skin. Compression sleeves will improve your blood flow and stimulate your muscles, making you more agile. Skineez® leg sleeves make a great base layer for winter sports because of their compression properties, comfort, and moisturizing benefits.

Quality pair of gloves
It's not a secret that you can’t enjoy winter sports without snow gloves. But what do you wear under your bulky gloves? Skineez® Sport gloves are light weight mild compression. They have a fingerless design to keep your hands warm while having full function of your fingertips when you take off your outer glove. They help boost your circulation to help keep your hands warm. You will benefit from these gloves since your hands are one of the most exposed body parts during winter sports. Whether you ski, board, snowshoe, skate, snowmobile, or sled, you constantly use your hands.

Compression Arm Sleeves
For winter sports that require poles, your arms get an extra workout. Skineez® Arm Sleeves will help keep you warm, protect your elbows, and protect your skin from drying out. If this is your first time out this season, they will help your tired, achy muscles recover faster.

Breathable face coverage
One of the most forgotten winter sports gear essentials is face coverage. Cold air and the wind can quickly damage your face, and snow particles also make it hard for you to breathe, so face coverage is necessary. Skineez® hydrating face masks will protect your skin and area around the mouth and nose from the cold, dry air, moisturize your skin and protect it from irritation.

What to wear under winter gear?
So, let's summarize – what to wear under winter sports clothes? Skineez®! We think winter sports will be so much more comfortable while wearing Skineez® compression as a base layer. Compression layers will help your stability and add to your agility. They will not slip and move under your skin clothes because they are designed to fit firmly around your skin, and only Skineez® has the additional benefit of moisturizing your skin and protecting it from cold, dry air.

Skineez® Must-Have packing list for men

  1. Skineez® Sport crew socks
  2. Skineez® Leg Sleeves
  3. Skineez® Sport Gloves
  4. Skineez® Arm Sleeves
  5. Skineez® Face Mask

Skineez® Must-Have packing list for women

  1. Skineez® Sport knee-high socks
  2. Skineez® Miracle Toning Women's Capri
  3. Skineez® Sport Gloves
  4. Skineez® Arm Sleeves
  5. Skineez® Face Mask

If you plan to hit the slopes, the skating rink, or hike in the snow-covered woods this winter, you will be much more comfortable wearing Skineez® compression wear as a base layer for better performance and faster recovery.

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