by Kortney Darwin

Something not many people realize is that flying takes a toll on your body without you even realizing. Sitting for extended periods can lead to dehydration and blood clots, making it so important to get up and move around.


Compression socks are excellent for blood circulation, so why don’t more people wear them?


Here is something that might make you start! Women who take the The Pill to avoid menstruation are more likely to suffer from a blood clot when flying. For men, traveling socks can increase energy levels, making you feel refreshed for once you get off that flight! Even for a flight that is as short as three hours, it is recommended to wear compression socks.


Skineez® compression socks are not only great for keeping that blood flowing in your legs while traveling, but they are also made fabrics that are ultra-soft, supple, and clinically proven to firm, moisturize, and revitalize your skin.


For a small price, purchasing Skineez® compression socks can have a big reward.


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