The perfect Valentine’s day gift with Skineez

by Michelle Moran
The perfect Valentine’s day gift with Skineez

Valentine’s day is near, and those who still don’t have their gifts prepared are in big trouble! But, spare your worries, we have some ideas that can easily bring a smile on your loved one’s face!

Valentine’s day is often wrongly restricted to lovers only. Because of that many people without a partner feel excluded from this holiday, even sad or lonely.

But, did you know that the first letters sent as a gift on Valentine’s day were intended not only to romantic lovers but also to friends and families? This was way back in the 1800s, but if we were to honor the tradition, we would celebrate all kinds of forms of love.

14th of February is a Day of Friendship in Finland, and in Mexico is a day of Friendship and Love. We see that people all around the world celebrate people they love whoever that people might be. 

The perfect Valentine’s day gift with Skineez

At SKINEEZ, we celebrate our lives and love every day of the year not just Valentine’s Day! But this time of the year is a great opportunity to stop for a minute and appreciate all the things that we LOVE about our lives. Is it our family, our business, our partner, maybe even our pet?

Valentine’s day is here to remind us that life is full of love, in many forms and places. So, let’s use this day to remember the people that helped us during difficult times, the people with whom we smiled the most and the people we love and cherish. 

For us, those people are friends and family, but also all of you who contribute daily to our business. So, this Valentine’s we wanted to celebrate with you by giving you ONE complimentary pair of our special pink graduated compression socks for EVERY purchase of 2 products during the first 2 weeks of February.

The perfect Valentine’s day gift with Skineez

So, if you need a boost or an idea for the perfect Valentine’s day gift, we are happy to help you with this special event, but also with some gift ideas that we put together for you! Stroll through the list of 3 Valentine’s gift inspiration packages and find just the right message for your special person!

Gift idea no. 1: Warmer together (Arthritis compression gloves + Medical grade compression socks)

On cold days like these, it’s the most important thing to stay cozy and warm. And we always feel a little warmer when we are filled with love! So, send your loved one these two essential accessories for the cold weather and warm them up inside and outside. A surprise to melt their hearts, and gloves and socks to guard their skin.

The perfect Valentine’s day gift with Skineez

Arthritis compression fingerless gloves from Skineez will keep their hands hydrated and soft, while medical-grade compression socks will help them fight cold feet and swollen joints. Compression socks help blood circulate, but so does your love! So, if you make it a combo, you’ll make it double effective.

Gift card idea: Life is always a little warmer when we are together!

Show your special person that they warm up your heart like the gloves warm up their hands! It’s cute and useful, AND your gift will stay with them for a long time!

This is a great gift for everybody because nobody likes to be cold!

Gift idea no. 2: We support sport (Miracle toning camisole + Miracle toning Capri) 

This is a gift for the girl who loves the gym as much as she loves you! Or maybe for the one that is struggling to build that sports spirit. This gift is a great way of telling your significant other that you support (or a friend/relative) them 100%!

The perfect Valentine’s day gift with Skineez

Miracle toning camisole will inspire her and make her feel as beautiful as you think she is. The compression fabric is made to tone the body and hydrating properties will leave the skin smooth and soft. Miracle toning capri is just the pair for this great camisole. Toning capri is perfect for gym beginners, for pros or yoga lovers! 

Gift card idea: Together we are stronger!

If this doesn’t inspire her, then your support definitely will, because we all need to be watered to bloom. Because the truth is that we ARE stronger together! With the right support, we can do anything at all. 

Gift idea no. 3: From Skinnez with love (Graduated light hydrating compression socks + Garment replenish spray for Skineez shapewear) 

Inspire your loved one by introducing them to the new Skineez skincare product. This is a great gift for someone afraid to get out of the comfort zone and to try innovative and modern things!

Skineez graduated hydrating socks are infused with a miracle skincare formula that nourishes the skin inside and out! This can be a great way of telling someone that feelings can seem simple as a pair of socks, but what’s below the surface is what nourishes the heart.

The perfect Valentine’s day gift with Skineez

Not all love is complicated. Some love stories are beautifully simple and peaceful. That kind of love gives us the perfect dosage of care every day for the rest of our lives. That is a great metaphor for what graduated light compression socks do for our legs. The light compression has the perfect way of preventing swollen feet and light daily sores, so they care for our legs throughout the day without much attention.

This metaphor is a great gift for someone who likes tranquil and happy life, and who knows how to find love in simplicity. 

Gift card idea: We go together like a pair of hydrating socks. 

When they fall in love with socks, then they will fall in love with the replenishing spray. The replenishing spray for Skineez shapewear brings back all those miracle hydrating ingredients and reinfuses the fabric with new and fresh dosage of our formula. This way their compression socks can last for a long time!

If you have in mind another Skineez gift idea, share it with us and spread the love!

Don’t forget – with EVERY purchase of 2 products during the first 2 weeks of February, we will send you ONE complimentary pair of our special pink graduated compression socks!

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