Skineez Shapewear Reshapes the Way You Workout

by Michelle Moran
Skineez Shapewear Reshapes the Way You Workout

Have you ever realized that as women, we are often forced to make the sacrifice between beauty and functionality? If we find something that’s functional and meets our needs, it is very rarely beautifully presented and vice versa. This is a problem that has plagued women for decades. While our male counterparts would blame it on our natural ability to be super picky and indecisive, it’s truly more than that. Finding the perfect balance between fashion and fitness is quite essential in our pursuit of living a healthier life.

As women in the fashion industry, it’s our responsibility to change the way people perceive the relationship between fashion and fitness. Skineez does just that.

When we go to the gym, the last thing that should be on our mind is how we look. Yet, that tends to be the first thought that creeps into our heads. We tend to be more self-conscious about our appearance at the gym, even though that is exactly what we are there to improve. You would assume that everyone would be more comfortable surrounded by like-minded individuals, but with everyone at different stages of their fitness journeys all working out in the same place, the insecurities and self-conscious thoughts can creep in.

With this in mind, Skineez shapewear was designed to help boost your confidence and your appearance in a comfortable way. The Skineez line of shapewear leggings, capris, and more were created to provide the comfort, lift, and support that women are always searching for in their athletic wear.  

Additionally, while providing you with the clean lines and confidence boosting appearance that you desire,  Skineez shapewear is also working to actively improve your skin. Working from the outside in, all of Skineez shapewear products are infused with skin-healthy hydrating ingredients that work to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Ingredients such as shea moisture, vitamins A, and E, and rose hip oil (just to name a few) work together in a beautiful harmony to increase different components of your skin’s health. While you sweat from an intense cardio session, Skineez is working to keep your skin hydrated and with the proper moisture balance.

Take the SKINEEZ® Miracle Toning Capri for example. This calf-length legging is the perfect exercise class essential. The breathable fabric, skin-hydrating components, and comfortable compression fit give you high performing comfort when you need it most. We can’t imagine trying to do pigeon pose in anything else. From yoga to Pilates, daily runs to treadmill workouts, the SKINEEZ® Miracle Toning Capri and the rest of the Skineez shapewear line are the athletic apparel essentials you didn’t know you were missing.

In the hunt for fashion and functionality also comes affordability. Those items that are advertised as “miracle workers” are often far too pricey for the average woman. People often don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for gym clothes. Skineez shapewear and compression products are as affordable as there are comfortable.  Their budget-friendly price tag makes them a steal when it comes to the many benefits that you can receive from them.

Let Skineez help reshape the way you think about workout apparel. Next time you’re looking to add new items to your gym wardrobe, consider Skineez shapewear and compression leggings. They’ll give you the confidence boost you need while providing the comfort you want. With a bonus of moisturizing your skin to help keep it firm and smooth, what more could you want in workout apparel?

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