Why Skineez Leggings are the Best for Working Out at Home?

by Michelle Moran
Why Skineez Leggings are the Best for Working Out at Home?

Today more than ever we are planning our training regimens right in our homes. Those who trained before the quarantine now must adapt their workout routines to their bedrooms, without the abundance of gym equipment. And those who have not trained before the quarantine now finally have the time to start off with this habit. So, home workout sessions are something we can all probably relate to these days.

Home workout can be a great thing when you set your routine. It saves money, time and you can make your environmental setup without all those people that you bump in in the gym. Even though at home you can wear anything you like (pajamas or old shorts), the question today is what the best attire for home workout truly is.

Why Skineez Leggings are the Best for Working Out at Home?

Let’s see. You will need something comfortable, in which you can be yourself and stretch without restrictions. You will also need something made of a nice material that can balance the sweat, so you won’t sweat to the point of having trouble working out. You will need something that supports your body and muscles, so nothing that restricts breathing and blood flow. And something that will nurture your skin so it wouldn’t dry out or a rash breakout.

Does it seem like too much to ask for?

Well, no. Skineez Compression Leggings are all these things in one.

Why are Skineez Compression Leggings so special?

The Skineez Miracle Compression Capris are specially designed leggings that are clinically proven to deliver firmer, smoother and younger-looking skin. Like on all our products, we used a carefully built formula that helps your skin stay fresh and healthy only by wearing the capri.

These compression leggings are designed to deliver properties of both shapewear and skincare. As shapewear, they are providing you with the needed compression that helps blood flow and stimulates your nerves and muscles. As for skincare, they help the skin stay hydrated, fresh and smooth.

The material is a firm medical-grade compression that promises comfort. The cut of the capris is made to provide you with the lift and support you need. While working out, if we wear clothes that are too wide or casual, our own body can get in the way. Because of that, the most common working out clothes are tight-fitting, but sometimes that can also mean uncomfortable.

Skineez compression leggings for women wrap firmly around your body but give you the comfort of almost not feeling you have something on. The compression acts as a micro-messaging agent constantly stimulating your body on working on itself. The material prevents riding and bunching, so you don’t have to worry they will not fit well. They are meant to fit perfectly to all body types, like the shoe to Cinderella’s foot.

How do Skineez Compression Leggings contribute to skincare?

The Skineez Miracle Compression Capris are made of cosmetic hydrating material. We infused our skincare formula in the fabric, which then delivers healthy and nutritive agents to your skin. Over the years, we carefully came up with the best cocktail of skin-nourishing ingredients that care for the skin in and out.

Why Skineez Leggings are the Best for Working Out at Home?

Our formula contains 5 essential ingredients:

  • Shea Butter– acts as a powerful skin moisturizer
  • Retinol– increases elasticity and tightens skin
  • Apricot Kernel Oil– soothes and calms irritated skin 
  • Vitamins A and E– have a deeply nourishing effect
  • Rose Hip Oil– famous for its rejuvenating powers

    Why are Skineez compression capris perfect for a home workout?

    1. Our capris are super comfortable, and let your skin breathe, so you can jump, stretch and train however you like. 
    2. The fabric is firm and stretchy keeping your body in place and giving the needed support.
    3. Mid-high waist cut helps the body tone.
    4. Medical grade compression in the material helps blood circulate providing a healthy body rhythm while working out. 
    5. The compression also stimulates and massages muscles, helping them to recover faster and avoid muscle cramps. 
    6. Skincare formula prevents skin irritation and rashes. The formula has antimicrobial properties.
    7. The formula also helps skin stay hydrated and prevent excessive sweat
    8. The combination of compression and skincare improves skin elasticity and tones down the skin after losing weight. 
    Why Skineez Leggings are the Best for Working Out at Home?

    This capri shapewear is meant for every woman that leads a healthy and comfortable lifestyle! All in all, these capris are a must-have if you are getting into working out at your home.

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