National shapewear day

by Michelle Moran
National shapewear day

Yesterday was National Shapewear Day, and you know that we love shapewear! So, we decided to bring our attention to it, and write a whole article about it!

Let’s celebrate shapewear and talk about what this day represents.

Shapewear has helped many of us to control our bodies, to tuck in those parts that we don’t love as much, and to enhance our natural shapes.

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear is a part of interior clothing that follows the body’s shape and smoothens parts that come out of the natural shape, like belly, or side belly.

Shapewear is made from elastic compression material, that slightly tightens the body to keep it in the right position. The shapewear doesn’t permanently change the body, but it visually helps it appear toned.

Shapewear can come in many different forms – shorts, bras, capri leggings, corset, panties, etc. The purpose of a shapewear is to wear it under your clothes. For example, shorts or panties can be worn under a dress or a skirt, to hide the belly, or to help the skirt fit more natural. It goes hand to hand with pencil skirts and tight clothes because it helps enhance the body’s natural figure without the imperfections.

Can you wear Shapewear every day?

Shapewear can be a part of your everyday style but try not to wear it all day long. Wearing shapewear often, and for extended time can make damage to your body, even affect your internal organs. If you are wearing it every day for work, be sure that you are not wearing it before and after work as well. Or, try and mix-up your wardrobe, so you can go at least one workday without it.

It is important that you never sleep in your shapewear, nor ignore any signs of possible side effects.

National shapewear day

If worn properly, shapewear has many benefits, but if worn without caution, it can have as many side-effects too. So, be sure to know your shapewear, and to know when and how to wear it.

If you find it important to use it daily, try to minimize the time you use it in a day. One work day is already a lot for your body to be squeezed.

Benefits of Shapewear

There are many benefits of wearing shapewear, and here is a quick list of them.

  • Appearance. Shapewear helps instantly tone the body and making it look like the best version of itself. The number one reason for purchasing shapewear is to “fix” the imperfections. We all want to enhance our natural curve without the fatty parts that come with it. Shapewear helps us achieve that goal, and helps us fit in that silky dress we are longing to shine in.
National shapewear day
  • Confidence. Feeling good and sexy in your body means being confident. Our subconscious is morphing all our insecurities in how we act. So, when you have a business presentation, but you don’t feel well in your clothes, you will constantly be trying to hide what you don’t like, and that will distract you from performing well. Feeling good in you skin will boost your confidence, and help you appear more likable and professional.
  • Posture. Compression material in shapewear encourages good posture. By squeezing your back area, it sends you signals and helps you sit straight. It also provides extra support to your abdominal muscles helping you stay in the right position without getting tired. By supporting you, it also helps the abdominal muscles to strengthen making a permanent change to your posture.
  • Cellulite. Shapewear significantly reduces cellulite visibility.
  • Aches and pain. Shapewear can help reduce achy areas and achy muscles, buy gently compressing the area and “massaging it” while you move.
  • Pregnancy. Benefits of shapewear during pregnancy are numerous. It gives your body extra support to carry the new weight, it helps reduce swelling, and supports healthy blood flow. Shapewear also helps keep things in their place, so it will help your breast avoid sagging, and help reduce the pain of sagging. It will give extra support to your back to carry the baby and reduce the weight of your legs.
National shapewear day

Benefit of wearing shapewear can be found in many things, but it is important to stay informed, and to consult the shapewear manufacturer or your doctor about the recommended time of wearing and caring. Otherwise, you can end up with unpleasant side-effects.

Are there side effects of wearing Shapewear?

Shapewear can cause side-effect and problems when not worn properly. Wearing it too often, and for prolonged periods can lead to problems with the skin, internal organs, infections, irritation, etc.

So, before starting to wear shapewear, be sure that you are well informed about it, and that you know how to handle it.

Side effects of wearing Shapewear

  • Sweat. Shapewear goes firmly around your body and sits firmly against your skin meaning you will sweat a lot more. Even when the material is breathable you need to expect more sweat than usual because the material is so close-fitting. Do, if you are wearing shapewear, you need to address the proper hygiene and to regularly wash your shapewear. If not, you may experience itching, bacteria, redness, skin inflammations, etc.
  • Numbness. Compression shapewear can cut off the circulation in the certain part of your body if they are too tight for you, or you are wearing them for a long time. So, be sure to know the level of compression of the shapeware, and not to wear them long.
  • Bloating or gas. If your shapewear is around your tummy, which usually is the case, you may experience bloating, gas, or some ache in that region.
  • Organs. So much squishing on the eternal organs is never good and can stop them from doing well. So, be sure to know your limit.

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