Men’s Health Awareness Month

by Michelle Moran
Men’s Health Awareness Month

In June we are celebrating Men’s health month! This initiative is meant to bring attention to the prevention and early treatment of diseases among men and boys.

In the name of that cause, there are numerous events that promote a healthy lifestyle among men and share knowledge and information about treatments and diseases.

This years’ June is also dedicated to men and health, so let’s see what this month has to offer for us to support the men in our lives and spread awareness.

What is Men’s Health Awareness Month?

Men’s health month is a special event celebrated across the United States and the globe to raise awareness of the importance of men’s health.

Men’s Health Awareness Month

In many countries, men’s health is taboo, and in the majority of countries, it is far less discusses then women’s health. Men, in general, don’t go to regular check-ups as much as women, nor is the importance of men’s health commonly emphasized in such manner. When problems go beyond physical, the taboo is even more noticeable.

Because of that, June is proclaimed as the Men’s health awareness month. During this month we should try to encourage men to take actions for their health, to educate themselves on the risks, prevention, and treatments that are commonly found in men.

National men’s health month in the United States has grown to be the International men’s health month and to provide support for all the men and boys around the globe.

When is Men’s Health Awareness Month?

June is the Men’s health month. Men’s health week is also in June, and this year it falls between 15 and 21 of June. 21st is Father’s Day. So, we can easily say that June is truly a man’s month!

Celebrating Men’s health month is important for both men and women, and it can save many lives.

What to do for Men’s Health Month?

There are various events to attend to support men’s health month.

Men’s Health Week

Men’s health week 2020 will fall on Monday 15th and end on Saturday 21st. This week is celebrated for more than 25 years, and it is linked to Fathers’ Day in the United States.

Every men’s health weekend on the third Sunday of June, which is Father’s Day. In 2020, Men’s health week became an international event. Numerous organizations and individuals use this opportunity to spread awareness about men’s health.

During this week you can find free seminars, educational materials, and even free medical services for men. This is a great opportunity for men to check their health and to have an insight into their future health by looking at their anamnesis.

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Father’s Day

Last month we celebrated Mother's Day, and June is the month to celebrate our fathers. Father’s Day emphasizes the role of a dad, which can sometimes unfairly fall in the shadow of our mothers.

Men’s Health Awareness Month

Even though we should show our fathers affection and thankfulness every day of the year, this is the day that reminds us to say the things we maybe forgot.

If you are lacking the ideas for a Father’s Day gift, stay tuned for our next article on Thursday 18th.

Wear a Blue Ribbon

The official ribbon of the Men’s health month is the blue ribbon. Choose a day in June that you think is the most appropriate for you to show your support and appreciation to this.

You can put it on your social media, or even make a DIY ribbon and pin it to your shirt. Another alternative is to wear a blue shirt!

When is National Men’s Health Week?

National men’s health week always falls 6 days prior to Father’s Day and ends on Father’s Day. This day is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

This week is also the International Men’s health week, and it is celebrated for a global goal.

What is Men’s Health Week About?

Men’s health week is about bringing attention to the importance of men’s health. There are many diseases that are fatal to men, and that can be prevented with regular check-ups, education, and awareness.

These diseases are prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, depression, and other mental health issues.

Men’s average life expectancy is 5 years lower than in women. By encouraging men to take care of their health, bodies, and minds, we are providing ourselves longer lives with our fathers, with our husbands, and other men that we care for.

Men’s Health Awareness Month

If you are a man, please think about yourself first. Taking care of yourself means being able to be there for the people you love. The healthier we are, the more we can do for our families.

SKINEEZ in the Men’s Health Month

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