How to wash Compression socks?

by Michelle Moran
How to wash Compression socks?

Most commonly, the lifespan of compression socks is 3 to 6 months. Will it take three months or six depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is how you wash them. Care of compression socks is something to look into. At least, if you’d like to prolong the lifespan of your socks to their maximum.

Care of compression socks

Compression socks are not your regular socks. First, you want them to serve you as long as possible. For something to serve you for a long time, you need to know how to care for it. Often misconception is that care of compression socks is the same as caring for regular socks: throw them in the washing machine with the rest of the socks, and that’s it. But if you do this, you are shortening their lifespan. They are more likely to tear, lose their properties or shrink if you do not care for them properly.

How to wash Compression socks?

The main reason for that is the effect that improper care has on compression material and compression properties. Your socks should stay the same size, the same tightness, and the same quality as they were when you bought them. Compression socks are meant to fit snuggly onto your legs. Because of that, shrinking would make them tighter, which may negatively affect your circulation. On the other hand, if they lose their compression properties and become loose or tear, you will find no benefits out of them at all. For maximum use and comfort, it is best if you learn about the care of compression socks.

Here are some compression socks care instructions that will help your socks last for months.

How to wash compression socks?

So, the question you are most often asking, is „Can you machine-wash compression socks?“.

Washing instructions always depend on the manufacturer. Some compression socks you can wash in the washing machine, and some, like SKINEEZ, you should only hand wash.

Even if your compression socks are suitable for machine-washing, you should always wash them on a gentle cycle and lukewarm temperature. You should avoid softeners and bleach because those will damage the compression. Decide on simple and gentle soaps and detergents. If you want some extra protection in the washing machine, put the socks in a mesh.

How to wash Compression socks?

Our recommendation is to always handwash your compression socks, even if they are suitable for machine-washing. This way you can be 100% certain that nothing can go wrong, and that you are prolonging your socks’ durability.

When you buy your pair, always be sure to thoroughly check under the “compression socks washing instructions” and follow the recommendations. Not all compression socks are the same. Materials can differ from one manufacturer to another. So, the best way to find the most secure method is from the manufacturer.

How to hand wash compression socks

When handwashing compression socks, you should be gentle and careful not to stretch them. The best way to wash compression socks is to soak them in cold or lukewarm water and to gently rub them through your hands. You should never use hot water. Use gentle soap or detergent and avoid fabric softeners and bleach. If needed, only use non-chlorine bleach.

When you are positive that you have washed all the dirt and stains gently rinse them under the water. Then squeeze the water out before leaving them to dry.

How often to wash compression socks?

You should wash your compression socks every day or after every use. Throughout the day, sweat and dirt are collected in the material. Washing your socks regularly is not only important to get rid of harmful bacteria, but also to restore the socks’ elasticity.

How to wash Compression socks?

Moisture from sweat and the skin can stretch out the material after wearing the socks through the day, so gently washing them and letting them dry can help the fabric restore its firmness.

How to wash running compression socks?

Care of athletic compression socks is the same as care of regular compression socks. The only difference is that athletic socks are not as frequently worn as medical compression.

While people normally wear medical compression daily, athletes and runners wear them only while training. In that case, you should wash your compression socks after every workout. During workouts, we produce excess sweat that can affect bacteria growth and socks’ elasticity.

Compression socks drying instructions

Compression socks drying instructions are as important as washing instructions.

Some manufacturers produce socks that are suitable for tumble-drying, but a general recommendation is air drying.

How to wash Compression socks?

When you have washed your socks and gently squeezed out the excess water, the best way is to lie them on a flat surface and leave them to dry. Never put them under direct sun or very close to a heater. The best way is to dry them at home temperature.

Do not hang them with cloth pins because they can stretch the material. The best way to dry compression socks is to put them on a flat surface where they can air dry or line dry them without cloth pins.

When to replace your compression socks

We all want our compression to last as long as possible, but even the most quality ones will stretch and wear out in a few months. A normal lifespan of compression socks is 3 to 6 months.

If you see that material has become loose, worn out, or lost its properties – it is time for a new pair.

If that day has come to you, go check our shop and get yourself a pair of affordable hydrating compression socks!

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