How Gloves help Dry Hands from all the Hand Washing

by Michelle Moran
How Gloves help Dry Hands from all the Hand Washing

These days everybody is super cautious when it comes to hygiene, we wash our hands many times per day and we wash them for at least 20 seconds, so we could be sure that no germs are getting around our face.

Besides washing our hands so much, many of us are still washing the dishes 2-3 times per day. But, with the extra washing, come to extra problems. In the past few days, many of you have asked the same question “How to deal with skin peeling on hands after washing dishes and hands!?”

Luckily, this topic is our expertise. Because of that and all the recent questions that we got from you, we decided to dedicate this topic to the problem of handwashing and dishwashing skincare. And the simple answer is – moisturizers. We have prepared some questions and some answers, so let’s dig into the world of moisturizing skin after washing hands. If you are still asking yourself is moisturizing the skin after washing hands necessary, we’ll break it to you immediately – yes, it absolutely is!

How Gloves help Dry Hands from all the Hand Washing

Soaps and dishwashing detergents dry out the skin and are not meant to be used many times per day. Since we are using them a lot, a moisturizer is inevitable if we want to avoid skin peeling on the hands after washing! 

Hand gloves for dry skin and cracked hands

We have already established that cracked skin after hand washing is not an unusual thing. Now, let’s talked about what we can do about it. We are sure you already know about hand creams and lotions, but have you ever tried moisturizing hands with gloves? 

Hand gloves for dry skin are something to think about. These are special hydrating gloves made to do an overall moisturizer session on your hands. 

Do you know that feeling when you put on hand moisturizer on your hands and then you have to wait for them to dry so you can continue doing whatever it is you were doing? Well, that is why hand gloves for dry skin are so great. All you need to do is to put them on and do whatever you want (except putting them in water). 

Moisturizing hands with gloves that are fingerless and hydrating will save you time and do you good. We all forget to put moisturizers from time to time, but if you start wearing gloves it will be a lot easier to avoid cracked skin after washing.

How Gloves help Dry Hands from all the Hand Washing

So, how do they work?

How do moisturizing gloves work?

We know many that people ask, “Do moisturizing gloves work?”, and the answer is yes. There are different types of moisturizing gloves, and some of them are limited to one use only, like a face mask.

Those gloves are mostly made from a thin paper-like material that is dipped in some soothing agent like aloe vera. There are, however, gloves just like regular ones, only infused with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

If you are looking for an ongoing skin care routine, these gloves are a better investment, economically more paying off, and ecologically better since they do not become litter after one use.  

Moisturizing gloves like these are made from specially infused materials that hydrate the skin while you wear them. By staying fixated to the skin, hydrating gloves help moisturizing agents access deep skin tissue, unlike lotions and creams that dry out in the air. You don’t need the gloves to keep hands moisturized, but they can help you cover all the surface of your hands and penetrate deep into the skin helping you stay hydrated longer. 

So, how to moisturize hands with gloves?

Some gloves on the market are not meant to be used while working or doing things around the house. Skineez Hydrating gloves, on the other hand, are made for you to wear them and use them as you would with normal gloves. With gloves that are not convenient for daily chores, it is recommended to wear them to bed and to sleep with them on. Once you get up in the morning, you will normally take them off. With Skineez gloves, you can wear them while working. You simply need to put them on any time of the day and let the hydrating formula do its thing. 

Then you can continue to do chores, to read, use your phone, work in the garden or on your computer, etc. You can use these hydrating gloves to keep hand moisturized every day at whichever and moment time you like. 

Skineez Compression Gloves with Hydrating Benefits 

Skineez Compression gloves are fingerless moisturizing gloves specially designed to help your skin stay smooth, rich and hydrated. The combination of compression and moisturizers deliver relief while nourishing the skin and keeping it soft and young. We made designed them to be fingerless so you could easily wear them at your work, type, write, use your phone, etc. The secret of their hydrating ability is the formula we carefully created.

How Gloves help Dry Hands from all the Hand Washing

We made a formula of 5 irrepressible skincare agents with just the right dosage for daily use. These ingredients are:

  •    Retinol– increases elasticity and tightens the skin
  •    Shea Butter– acts as a powerful skin moisturizer
  •    Apricot Kernel Oil– soothes and calms irritated skin 
  •    Vitamins A and E– have a deeply nourishing effect
  •    Rose Hip Oil– famous for its rejuvenating powers

Our Skineez hydrating compression gloves are also successful in treating eczema and psoriasis. Their moisturizing and replenishing abilities soothe itchy patches on the skin and smoothen crackling.

Both eczema and psoriasis can be developed from environmental factors such as dish soap or hand soap, also hand sanitizers, and cleaning supplies. A change in temperature between winter and spring can affect skin cracklings, especially if we tend to stay a lot at home. During winter or early spring, most of us heat the houses, which makes the air dry and unhealthy to our skin. 

Hydrating Compression gloves can help fight the early stages of eczema and psoriasis and help prevent them. Skineez Hydrating gloves for dry hands and sensitive skin are the best hand moisture gloves that you can use for a long time. 

How to care for Skineez Hydrating gloves?

You can use them daily, wearing them throughout your day. At the end of the day wash them and let them dry naturally on a flat surface. In the morning you can put them on again.

How Gloves help Dry Hands from all the Hand Washing

For them to stay skin-nourishing as new, handwash them. Don’t use a dryer and don’t expose them to the direct sun or heating source. After ten washings, you should use our Replenishing Spray and reinfuse them with the skin-nourishing formula. If you choose, you can wear them occasionally, or during night time, it’s absolutely up to you. But, if you do wash and use cleaning supplies a lot during the day, we recommend using them daily. 

All our products, including Hydrating Compression Gloves, are available in our Online Shop at can be purchased from the sofa. Stay safe, stay home and take care of your mind and body. Your Skineez®.


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