Skineez® Fall Colors

by Elyssa Conley

Falling leaves fill the crisp air with lively colors. Enjoy a long walk with beautiful new compression socks. Walking boosts your circulation, improves your mood, and helps you sleep more restfully. Did you know that compression stockings increase the benefits of exercise?

Studies show the benefits of walking for all adults. Walking helps your heart, lungs, and bones and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by lowering cholesterol. If you have circulation issues, your doctor probably recommended walking and stretching. Have your doctor recommend your specific compression level and use of compression support socks.

Skineez® introduced a line of Fall colors for the 10-20mmHg compression socks. This compression level is perfect for most people. Skineez® has created a Fall Bundle of three pairs that will keep feet looking stylish through the season. Arabian Spice gives the deep hues of autumn leaves. Dry Rose adds a touch of Fall to accent your lighter clothes, and Charcoal can match more formal attire. These Fall colors keep you current for the season.

Compression Socks are part of the daily routine to manage circulation, reduce pain and swelling. A premium Compression Sock such as the Skineez© brand improves your circulation. The Skineez® socks also deliver healing vitamins and ingredients directly to your skin. The moisturizers help heal your skin.

Skineez© is the only FDA-Cleared Compression Socks. Skineez® socks will hydrate and repair your skin where others brands don’t. The fabric is engineered to encapsulate and deliver vital ingredients. You get the benefit over time to protect and restore your skin. Skineez© is the only fabric clinically proven to hydrate and improve the skin. People wearing Skineez® showed softer, smoother skin after just one hour. The benefits were proven again after one week of use.

Take advantage of the Fall weather to increase your activity. The autumn air is cleaner without the pollen and humidity of summer. These new Compression Stockings with Fall colors will keep you warm and fashionable. Enjoy an autumn walk with friends and family. Check out the Skineez® bundle here.

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