Does Zinc help fight the Coronavirus?

by Michelle Moran
Does Zinc help fight the Coronavirus?

Zinc has an important role in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system.

Zinc is a chemical element (Zn), also called an essential trace element found in the cells in the human body, that helps the body’s normal and healthy functioning. The main roles of zinc are cell growth and division, breakdown of carbohydrates, wound healing, and creating senses of smell and taste. 

Zinc is extremely important in the diet, but also a powerful immunity booster. It is known to protect from viruses and bacteria.  

Because of its strength against viruses, we have incorporated zinc in our medical face masks. Today more than ever we need to think about protecting our health. We don’t know how long the pandemics will last, and we must fight it. We need to get back to our lives, jobs, and friends and family, but that also means we have to be more careful than ever. 

Incorporating zinc in our everyday life can help minimize the odds of contracting the virus. Of course, if we also respect other measures. 

What is the use of Zinc? 

Zinc is used in many different areas and industries, from rubber and plastic manufacture to cosmetics and textile incorporation. 

In cosmetics, it is used to deliver benefits to the body’s enzymes and immune system. It is also known as protection against UV light. 

For its health properties, zinc is used to help wound healing, for acute diarrhea, and to treat common cold and viruses, and bacteria spreading. Sometimes it is used for treating acne, burns, ADHD, and eating disorders, but its effectiveness in these conditions is not confirmed. 

The benefits of zinc in our body are numerous, that is why zinc insufficiency can lead to many problems. 

Zinc insufficiency can happen because of acute diarrhea, when a person is unable to intake food, in cases of alcoholism or liver disease. It can also be a result of serious surgery or a long usage of a tube for feeding. 

Why does your body need zinc? 

So, why do we need zinc? 

Zinc is called the essential trace element because we need a small amount of it, but that amount is essential for our health. Zinc can be found in the cells in our bodies, and it is responsible for cell division, cell growth, DNA synthesis, and protein synthesis. 

Zinc is particularly important for the skin. It helps the skin fight bacteria, and environmental aggressors, such as heat and cold. Sometimes, zinc is used to treat acne or other skin inflammation problems. 

After iron, zinc is the most present mineral in the body. It is essential for the functioning of hundreds of enzymes that provide healthy metabolism. 

It is also crucial for the sense of smell and taste. 

So, now you know the importance of zinc for your health and the answer to the question “Why do we need zinc?”. 

How does zinc fight diseases?

Zinc is also known to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is used in cases like a common cold, or to boost the immunity when there is a virus spread. But, how does zinc help in those cases? 

How does zinc kill bacteria? 

Zinc is nature’s antimicrobial. Some studies have shown that zinc starves the bacteria in the end killing it. 

How does zinc fight viruses? 

Some studies have shown that zinc can slow down viruses to multiply themselves in your body. 

In most cases, zinc helps with a common cold which is in majority caused by rhinoviruses, and not coronaviruses. Although some researchers found slowing of the symptoms for viruses very similar to coronavirus, there are no studies that confirm zinc’s efficiency against coronavirus. However, we decided to infuse our face mask with a small dosage of zinc, since it can only maximize the protection. 

Does zinc help fight the coronavirus? 

Zinc face mask benefits can be found in its antiviral and immune-boosting properties, but with limited results. What does that mean?

Does Zinc help fight the Coronavirus?

Taking zinc for coronavirus will not solely provide protection of the virus, for that to be done, other measures have to be followed. Zinc cannot treat or prevent coronavirus, but it can help the prevention in the combination of other measures taken. 

These measures are social distancing, wearing a face mask, washing hands properly and often, washing the surfaces, avoid touching nose and mouth, etc. 

Why do men need zinc? 

Zinc is responsible for the body’s production of testosterone. Zinc deficiency can cause infertility or sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction in men. 

A study showed that with an augmented intake of zinc, testosterone levels in elderly men doubled. Also, zinc is closely associated with the sense of smell, which id found to be an important factor in arousal in men. If the levels of zinc are loo low, it not only affects erectile function and testosterone levels but also the ability to smell and create sexual attraction. 

For men, 11 milligrams of zinc per day is a suggested intake limit. 

Side effects of too much zinc 

With everything there should be a limit, and balanced intake. Like many other minerals, vitamins, and supplements, too much zinc can also cause some issues. Here are some questions you asked, and some answers you need to hear. 

Can too much zinc cause acne? 

Too much zinc doesn’t cause acne. Zinc is actually a common treatment for acne. People who have heavy acne may find out that they suffer from zinc deficiency. Acne is not a definite indicator of a lack of zinc in the body, but many studies have shown a correlation between the two. 

Does Zinc help fight the Coronavirus?

Zinc helps lower the levels of sebum in the skin. Sebum is a natural skin’s oil, that lubricates the skin, but can cause acne if the levels of it are too high. Zinc helps balance these levels and reduce excess sebum in the skin. Thus, preventing and treating acne. 

Zinc is also found to have antibacterial properties. By using zinc, we are getting rid of bacteria that cause acne by entering the pores. Zinc can help treat breakouts and calm the irritation. 

Can too much zinc cause hair loss? 

Does Zinc help fight the Coronavirus?

Too much zinc can cause hair loss, as well as too little zinc. Hair loss is a common sign of zinc deficiency, but it can also happen when zinc levels are too high. Zinc is often included in treatment for hair growth.

Zinc helps the hormones stay balanced, which can often prevent and stop hair loss. However, too much zinc causes a disbalance of the body’s absorption of other minerals and raises the levels of testosterone. Too much testosterone can lead to hair thinning and hair loss. 

Zinc Face Masks 

Skineez has made an innovative line of masks that provide 24h of fluid and bacteria resistance. Medical grade textile masks are infused with 5 skin reparative elements that care and soothe the skin while you wear it.


Besides its skin-healthy properties, Skineez masks are also infused with zinc, scientifically and medically proven to fight bacteria and viruses.

Does Zinc help fight the Coronavirus?

The masks are made from a lightweight breathable material, that soothes and cools. 

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