Compression socks during pregnancy

by Michelle Moran
Compression socks during pregnancy

Everyone who has ever had problems with circulation or swollen feet would benefit from compression socks. In pregnancy, we experience a lot of pressure on our feet. It is not unusual to develop varicose veins or swelling. So, are compression socks a solution for this pregnancy problem?

Are compression socks safe for pregnancy?

Compression socks and pregnancy go together like best friends. There is no need to worry if compression socks are safe for pregnancy. Not only they cannot harm you or your baby, but they can help you deal with all the weight you carry. So – are compression socks safe for pregnancy? YES, safe and good!

Compression socks during pregnancy

The number one advice for pregnant women is “try to rest”. But the truth is not many women have the opportunity to rest all the time. Even if we take a break from work, we still do things around the house. Especially if we already have kids, then sometimes it can get impossible to rest. Besides that, is it good to lay down for 9 months? Of course not. We have to move, even do some light exercises. Our body should stay healthy and physical activity is crucial for that.

Compression socks during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a simple walk around the block can feel like a marathon. Our legs take a lot of pressure. It is not only the extra weight that causes problems. When our breasts and tummy enlarge, it is hard to keep a good posture. And good posture is the key to reducing tension in the legs. Some women experience foot growth in pregnancy, and if they don’t notice it at first, they wear small shoes. Wearing small shoes leaves our feet hurt and swollen. Feet then cannot breathe properly, and the circulation slows down.

So, now you see why pregnant women would need a little help. Compression socks during pregnancy can make those nine months be at least a little easier.

Benefits of compression socks during pregnancy

So, what is so good about them? The benefits of compression socks during pregnancy are numerous. Our feet get tired just by carrying our own body sometimes. Long sitting or standing can be a hard job for our legs. Now imagine putting more weight on them along with all the hormonal changes that go with pregnancy. It sounds tough, right? That is because it is tough! These are SOME of the benefits of compression socks during pregnancy, and there are more!

  • Reducing swelling
  • Helping with cold feet
  • Keeping blood flow healthy and active
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Preventing varicose veins
  • Preventing vein pain
  • Normalizing blood pressure in legs
  • Helping feet breathe

When to wear compression socks during pregnancy?

Compression socks during pregnancy

You should wear your compression socks during the day. You shouldn’t sleep with them on, especially if compression is strong. It is best if you put them on immediately after you wake up, so it would prevent the swelling.

And how long to wear compression socks during pregnancy?

You should wear your compression socks along the day, whenever you are not lying down. It is best if you had several socks because it is important to wash them after every time you wear them, but also recommended to wear them daily. If you have the time during the day to elevate the legs, you can take off the socks during that time.

Compression socks during pregnancy at night

As we said, there no need to wear your compression socks at night, because you are lying down and resting. If your compression is tight it can restrict your normal blood flow, instead of helping. Also, if the socks aren’t seamless it can feel too tight during the night, especially if you are normally sleeping without socks.

Best post-pregnancy compression garments

The best post-pregnancy compression garments include high-waisted belly covering shorts and capris, compression camisoles and compression socks and stockings.

Compression socks during pregnancy

Belly and thigh toner is amazing because you can wear it under your outfit. The compression helps your body get back to its previous shape. Compression camisoles, even though made for exercise can be great garments during post-partum because they provide the comfort and the lift you need. Compression socks after pregnancy can help your legs and feet recover faster and get back to their previous habits more subtly and naturally.

Post-pregnancy compression garments can help you naturally get back to your pre-pregnancy body and health habits, but also embrace the new parental role that will require more changes and adapting.

Skineez compression garments

We are very proud to say that mothers-to-be love our products!

Skineez compression socks have the perfect level of compression for pregnancy. They are mild but firm, AND they are infused with our skincare formula. Our formula is made of 5 essential ingredients that help your skin maintain its beauty. The formula has it all: elasticity improvement, hydration, protection, cell rejuvenation, toning, and opening pores.

We add skin recuperation to your post-partum treatment which is very important since the skin stretches during pregnancy.

Besides the socks, we also have leggings and glove so feel free to look around our store and find your perfect compression garment!


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