Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let’s join the battle!

by Michelle Moran
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let’s join the battle!

October is a month of unity, support and making voices heard. Thousands of women and men are taking part in sharing their stories for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we should all get involved.

Breast cancer impacts about 2 million people every year, both men and women. It is estimated that more than 300,000 women and more than 2,000 men will face it this year in the U.S. alone.

It is the most common form of cancer in women and it impacts a large number of families every year. Even if there are greater chances of developing breast cancer if it runs in our family, many women with no history of it get diagnosed. The number one problem is that people without a history of illness don't consider it to be a threat to them. This leads to irregular check-ups and skipping the important early diagnoses. People with cancer in their family line take regular check-ups very seriously, which gives them a greater chance for early treatment. That level of precaution, though, is the one all of us should be taking and the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here to remind us of that. While at the same time, it is here to remind us to share love, compassion, and support to those who are fighting it, and their families.

Men and women across the globe who are dealing with breast cancer say that the support of their loved ones and the community helps a lot during their healing process. For this reason, we decided to focus on important information for those who want to help breast cancer patients and support the cause.

How can I help?

For those willing to help, there is always a way. Support is always welcome and means a lot. There are many ways to help, and everybody can find their perfect fit. Here are some ideas:


There are a lot of different places you can donate your money to. Every dollar counts, so you don’t have to be a billionaire to donate. Many companies have special events, especially in October, where you can simply buy their product and the company will donate a part of your money to this cause. If you wish to donate more, you can also choose a specific area. For example, you can donate to breast cancer patients and their families, or you can donate to hospitals and research centers. Also, you can always donate to nonprofit organizations that work on this topic.


Some organizations, such as National Breast Cancer Foundation, give volunteering opportunities for everybody willing to give their time. This is a great deal if you want to help more actively. With the NBCF you can become a Community Ambassador, receive breast health training and then spread awareness and inform. Also, you can volunteer to help organize walks and marches or fundraisers and events that support the cause. Other types of volunteering include driving cancer patients to treatment, helping in recovery centers, etc.


There are a lot of fundraising opportunities. They differ whether they are for individuals, companies, students, groups, etc. You can support this cause by suggesting your friends or colleagues to start a fundraiser with you.

Special symbols and events

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let’s join the battle!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2019

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk is one of the biggest walks dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer. For this year’s walk, there are already 1.2 million people signed up, and you can be a part of it. Upon registering, you will recruit your team, create a fundraiser and join the walk. On the American Cancer Society website, you can type in your zip code, city or state and you can easily find the walk near you with the exact date of happening. For example, there are 16 events only for the October breast cancer walk in New York City.

Race for the cure (the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization)

This is the largest breast cancer event in the United States. The organization behind it is the best-funded organization of this type in the United States. It is also the oldest of its kind. It started in 1983 in Texas with about 800 participants, and today it counts 140 races and more than 800,000 participants! Their website also provides a map of locations and a search bar. Click on a location and you are presented with the exact address and date.

No bra day

Unbuckle your bra for the 13th of October because it is the National No Bra Day! This initiative is meant to remind us of the importance of regular screening and self-examination.

Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbon or the breast cancer ribbon, is a symbol of a fight with this malicious enemy. When you see this ribbon on products you buy, it usually means that the company supports this cause, or that a part of your money will be put to this cause. Also, wearing a pink ribbon pin is a way of promoting breast health. The Pink Ribbon International, however, is a nonprofit organization working from October 1997. The organization is dedicated to spreading awareness and collecting funding for breast cancer. Their website is always open for anybody to donate.

Supporting with SKINEEZ

This month is all about uniting and helping each other.  We decided to join the battle and to dedicate 10% of all our online sales in October to fight breast cancer with the Get Your Rack Back Foundation (GYRB.ORG).

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let’s join the battle!

Alone we can do little, but with you, we can do a lot! Shop now and help the battle!

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