At the Intersection of Beauty and Fashion: Say Hello to Skincare that You Wear

by Michelle Moran
At the Intersection of Beauty and Fashion: Say Hello to Skincare that You Wear

When you look at fashion magazines, what do you see? Amidst the stories of which celebrity is wearing what name and the occasional dating article, you’ll find the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty. The latest fashions on one page, the best in beauty on another. Sometimes, the worlds may collide on the same page. Fashion and beauty have always closely been related; often making one wonder if the two industries could potentially be one and the same. Well, no one has to wonder about that anymore. For the past few years, a new industry is emerging, the industry of “wearable skincare”.

Skineez® was the first company in the United States to pioneer the wearable skincare movement. Our cosmetotextiles are functional fabrics infused with cosmetic ingredients that are released into the skin during the course of wearing. Some of the cosmetic ingredients in the garments include shea butter, Vitamin E, retinol, and many more beneficial and health conscious ingredients. The list of ingredients commonly infused within cosmetotextile are often used to provide a number of benefits, including odor management, UV protection, skin repair, moisturization and more.

The clothing made from the beauty product-infused fabrics are typically more functional in nature, relying more on comfort than couture to guide their industry. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make the garments any less fashionable or utilitarian. In fact, one of the more popular pieces we offer are our comfortable leggings.

In an industry such as wearable skin care, it’s important to know what your audience wants. Who knows what women want more than women themselves? Skineez® is proud to be a woman owned business within the cosmetotextile industry.

Our founder, Michelle Moran, has created a diverse line of products that are as cute and comfortable as they are beneficial. Imagine a world where your leggings keep your moisturized while you perfect your scorpion pose. How about watching your son’s football game in the cold while keeping your feet warm and healthy in hydrating compression socks? That’s the world Skineez® has worked to help create.

In addition to being comfortable, wearable skincare has a number of benefits that people of all ages, but particularly 30-70, have found quite useful. As mentioned before, some of the benefits of wearable skincare include moisturization and skin repair.

However, avid wearers and cosmetotextile enthusiasts even review that wearable skincare has helped alleviate many of their ailments. The hydrating gloves, for example, provide the right amount of moisture and compression to assist with alleviating pain associated with arthritis and finger fatigue. The compression leggings deliver the proper kind of lift and hydration that most women seek as they age.

When it comes to cosmetotextiles, it’s all about feeling good, both inside and out. For more information about wearable skincare products, visit

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