Arm and Leg Compression sleeves for Lymphedema

by Elyssa Conley

Compression sleeves are a key part of therapy for lymphedema. Lymphedema is the build-up of fluid, typically in the arms and legs, when the lymph system is damaged or blocked. In the United States, lymphedema almost always occurs from cancer growing near a lymph node or vessel or radiation or surgery to treat cancer that damages the lymphatic system. Lymphedema often damages the skin. Skineez® Compression Sleeves for the arms or legs, with their infusement of nutrients to repair the skin, deliver an extra benefit to protect the skin.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system uses lymph nodes to move protein-rich fluids through the body and clear waste. As part of the body’s immune system, lymph nodes filter waste and contain cells to fight infection and cancer. Cancer will frequently spread first through the nearest lymph nodes, and these lymph nodes and vessels are often in the arms and legs.

Symptoms of lymphedema

A main symptom of lymphedema is swelling in an arm or leg. The swelling may become extreme to the point of pain or restricting movement. Exercise, massage, and compression can help reduce the swelling. Other symptoms can be swelling of the fingers or toes, including tingling or a feeling of heaviness. And lymphedema can cause hardening and thickening of the skin.

There are several conditions where lymphedema can damage the skin. Trapped fluid can lead to a skin infection (cellulitis), particularly if the affected arm or leg sustains even a minor injury. The affected skin will become swollen, red, painful, and warm. If untreated, the infection can spread through the bloodstream and trigger sepsis, where the body starts to fight its own tissue. Also, with severe swelling, lymph fluid may seep through tiny breaks in the skin and blister. A rare form of soft tissue cancer can even occur from lymphedema.

In clinical studies, over 70% of respondents using Skineez® noticed softer, smoother skin after just one hour. Skineez® fabrics hydrate and repair your skin where others don’t.

How do skineez® arm and leg compression sleeves help?

Skineez® Arm and Leg Compression Sleeves help move fluid back to the core of your body, as most compression sleeves do. But Skineez® uses a patented fabric design of interlocking circles that give micro-massaging to the skin and tissue. This micro-massaging effect is most noticeable where you rub on the sleeve and, therefore, where you need it most. Micro-massaging helps move your tissue and increase circulation to the point of contact, which all helps your circulatory and lymphatic systems. The motion of your muscles assists the lymphatic system in moving fluid in a healthy body.

In addition to the micro-massaging design, the Skineez® fabric is infused with six essential nutrients for the skin:


Skineez© is the only fabric clinically proven to improve the skin where these medical conditions cause extra stress and dryness. Skineez® is the only fabric that is FDA-Cleared for these claims.

The Skineez® compression sleeve is designed to wear well and last. You can wash the Skineez® Arm Compression Sleeve 10 times before applying the Skineez® Garment Replenishing Spray to restore the original mixture of essential ingredients for your skin. Only the Skineez® fabric has this patented technology.

Only the Skineez® fabric in the arm compression sleeve is FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to repair the skin.

Using Your Compression Sleeve to Treat Lymphedema

A compression sleeve is part of the overall treatment for lymphedema and cancer.

A compression sleeve will not prevent or treat these conditions by itself. Scientific studies have proven that an arm compression sleeve will reduce the incidence of lymphedema for breast cancer patients one and two years after surgery. Your doctor will recommend the right compression level for your condition, the time and duration to use the sleeve, and which sleeves combination to use.

Your doctor will most likely recommend a compression sleeve for the area most directly affected by the lymphedema. You can use additional sleeves or a longer sleeve to treat the lower limb or hands and feet. For instance, Compression Gloves are used frequently with an arm compression sleeve.

The glove ensures that swelling does not occur in the hand as a medium compression sleeve is applied to the arm.

The Skineez® Compression Glove is designed to also work with the Skineez® Arm Compression Sleeve.

Likewise, your doctor may recommend a full leg compression sleeve or use an ankle sleeve with a calf sleeve.

Choice and Care

Doctors frequently recommend medium compression immediately following surgery and reduce this to light compression at six months or one year after surgery.

Your doctor will give a specific recommendation for your condition. Other sleeve manufacturers will recommend that you do not use lotions because the lotions will erode the elastic of their products. The Skineez® compression sleeves are a unique fabric engineered to hold the nutrients your skin needs. The Skineez® compression sleeves are pre-treated with five essential ingredients such as retinol, shea butter, and Vitamin E. Skineez® also sells a replenishing spray to restore the original coating of this solution to help your skin. Use the spray on any of the Skineez® Compression Sleeves.

Most sleeve manufacturers suggest that you buy 2-3 Compression Sleeves to wash these regularly. Also, you are likely to wear a sleeve for a year or two years after surgery, and their sleeves will wear out. Skineez® fabric is a premium combination of fibers designed to last a long time. You may find it convenient to buy two of any type to have one available while one is in the wash. But with the regular washing of the fabric and treating with the Skineez® Replenishing Garment Spray, your Skineez® Compression Sleeve should last for several years.

A Full Range of Compression Sleeves for Your Needs

Skineez® offers a complete line of Compression Sleeves for the arms and legs. Skineez® fabrics are the only FDA-Cleared Compression Sleeves to treat swelling due to trauma, surgery, lymphedema, edema, DVT, radiation therapy, or other circulatory conditions. Skineez® Compression Sleeves are an excellent choice for post-surgery recovery. You can see the new sleeves for leg, knee, calf, ankle, elbow, arm, and hand HERE. Skineez® Compression Sleeves are micro-massaging and skin-reparative, treating your lymphatic system the same way as Skineez® Compression Socks.


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