A brief history of socks

by Michelle Moran
A brief history of socks

A few days ago, our company celebrated National Sock Day. It is not as much of a celebration, but the appreciation of our feet’s best friends – socks. As a compression garment company, with an emphasis on compression socks, it is clear that we find socks one of the best human inventions. So, inspired by the occasion, we deiced to pay tribute to socks and make a fun article about them.

History of socks

The history of socks and stockings dates to years B.C. Of course, socks back then were so much different from what we are imagining now. The oldest pair of socks were found in an ancient Egyptian city near the Nile in the 19th century. However, the estimated time when the pair was made was 300-500 A.D. The socks were made from wool and designed to go with sandals. Today, they are the earliest knitted item in the Victoria and Albert Museum, in London, where they are displayed. 

A brief history of socks

Other insight in history tells us about socks made from animal skin and fur. The Greeks spoke in their literature about the type of furry socks named “piloi” that were common among ancient Greeks. The Romans also wore some ancestors of modern socks in a form of leather wrapped around the leg. They were later to start sewing the socks to fit the leg. These were called “udones” and are the most similar invention to our modern socks. 

Socks then followed the evolution of pants becoming longer when pants became shorter. With the new designs came the new price, and socks soon became a symbol of the wealthy. 

The next big breakout in sock evolution came in the 1500s with the knitting machine. This made the sock market boom and flourish and made socks cheaper and more accessible to common people. Back in the time socks were mostly made from wool, silk, and cotton.

However, in the 1900s the world saw nylon for the first time which changed the sock industry for good. Nylon was only the begging of blending two or more types of yarn in socks production which is still in use today. 

That was a short history of socks, now let’s talk about the types of socks that can be found today. 

Different types of socks

Today socks can be found in many forms, colors, and materials. But, how many types of socks are there in reality?

The answer to the question is hard to find. The differences can be put in many categories, so we have:

  • Types of socks by length
  • Types of socks by materials they are made of
  • Types of socks by their purpose/special use
  • Types of socks by design

Different types of socks length

Today we can find many different lengths of socks. It depends on many factors that the socks were made on – the type of footwear or outfit, the occasion, the season, the functionality, etc.

A brief history of socks

But, if we look at the most common types, different types of socks by length can be put in these categories:

In Skineez, we offer mid-calf and knee-high socks, but our socks also have a special secret. Keep reading to find out!

Different types of materials

There is quite a range of different types of socks according to the material they’re made of. A short history of socks has shown us that in the past socks were normally made from wool, cotton, or silk. Not before 1930 were socks made from nylon.

Today, socks are made from wool, a material that makes the warmest type of socks, to silk and nylon that make the finest and fanciest stockings.

Now here is a list of the most common materials used in sock making today:

  • Cotton (there are also different varieties of cotton)
  • Wool (there are also different types of wool)
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • Polypropylene
  • Acrylic

Some socks, especially stockings, also contain latex (or lycra) which makes the socks extremely elastic.

Skineez socks are made from nylon and are 100% latex-free. Stay a bit more to find our secrets to the best socks in the world.

Different types of socks according to their special purpose

Today socks can be specially made for your needs. That is why today we can find different types of compression socks, different types of athletic socks, types of formal socks, and even diabetic socks.

A brief history of socks

At Skineez, we offer athletic knee-high socks, diabetic socks, graduated light compression socks, and many more types of compression socks.

We found that compression socks can be beneficial to anybody. Here is what compression socks are and how they work.

Compression socks

Compression socks are supportive, snug-fitting socks that typically come up to the top of your calf and encourage the healthy circulation of blood from your ankles back up to your heart. Most offers graduated compression, with more pressure at the ankle than the calf.

The compression reinforces blood pumping and prevents numbness and cold feet. Compression socks energize tired feet and promote all-day comfort. By wearing them, you are providing yourself with and 24/7 protection.

Compression socks can be beneficial for athletes, during recovery from a surgery, for pregnant women, the elderly, people who tend to sit or stand for long times, travelers, etc. You see… there can be beneficial to anybody. 

Read more about the benefits of compression socks here

Different types of compression socks are mainly found in the levels of compression. These levels are different strengths the sock is squeezing your body. Normally, for people without any problems or without an extremely active lifestyle, recommended compression is light to mild. Strong compression is normally reserved for professional athletes, people with varicose veins, etc. Strong compression is normally prescribed by a doctor unlike light or mild compression. 

If you want to know more about different types of compression socks and levels of compression, we recommend this article

Skineez Compression Socks

And finally, we have come to our little secret. So, what is it?

All our socks are made from compression materials, but that is not all. They are also infused with a perfected skincare formula that nurtures and repairs the skin while you were the socks. We are the only compression garment company that also looks out for your skin.

After a bad experience with compression socks, the CEO of what is today Skineez, decided she needed to make comfortable, skin-healthy, skin-friendly compression socks. With years of working with skincare experts and being experienced in the skincare industry herself, she developed a perfect formula of 5 natural moisturizers

A brief history of socks

The combination of 5 compatible skincare ingredients became our signature formula and what differs us from other compression garment brands. Read more about our formula here

With our formula, 80% of people noticed smoother and younger-looking skin within only one hour. 


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