5 facts about the American heart month

by Michelle Moran
5 facts about the American heart month

Heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems are a leading cause of illness and death in the world. According to the website of Centers for disease control and prevention, about 647,000 Americans every year die from heart diseases. With those numbers, heart disease is the reason for every 4th death in America. Only in the United States every 37 seconds a person dies from heart disease, also according to the website.

Heart disease is a vicious enemy, and we often take it for granted. Daily stressors, genetics and small pleasures in life that we think don’t matter, all together add up to the risk of heart disease.

Wanting to remind us of the importance of cardiovascular health, American heart month is once again very loud. So, let’s try and understand it better.

What is the American heart month?

American heart awareness month is a month federally assigned to bring attention to heart health and heart diseases

American heart month is all dressed in red, and you should be too. The red color is a symbol of our hearts and, by wearing red we are all uniting and spreading the message. The massage is not only spread by words, but also by actions and statements.

The color of our clothes is a big statement as it is the first thing everybody will notice.

Go Red for Women is a global initiative started by the American heart association that tends to end heart disease problems among women. Even though heart diseases are also common in men, when it comes to women heart disease is the number one cause of death. Cardiovascular diseases kill more women than all forms of cancer combined.

American Heart Month creates an important opportunity for medical workers to share best practices and strategies. Also, it creates an opportunity for us to share amongst them stories, experiences and support each other.

What month is American heart month?

February is the American heart month and the color that represents it is red. In February, during the American heart month, we are all uniting to fight heart disease and spread awareness.

5 facts about the American heart month

February 14th was there to remind us to care for the people we love, but February actually carries this message throughout the whole month.

In the United States, we dedicate our months to spreading awareness on illnesses and other problems that we are dealing with locally, and globally. One of the biggest problems that humanity is dealing with is heart disease. Because of that, it is very important that we dedicate a month to spreading awareness about cardiovascular problems.

Heart disease can be prevented if we brought attention to our lifestyle, and American heart month wants to remind us to have that in mind, at least for the people who care about us.

American heart month history

This year we are celebrating the 56th year of the existence of American heart month.

The first American heart month started in 1964 after it was proclaimed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Not long after that, a Surgeon General named Luther Terry, MD. launched a report on the downsides and health risks of smoking, which is closely related to cardiovascular problems.

5 facts about the American heart month

Go Red for Women initiative launched in 2004, and from there it quickly spread across the world and become a global movement. 

According to the Go Red initiative: In 2010, a strategic goal was set. It was to reduce death and disability from heart disease by 20 percent, and whilst, to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent by the year 2020.

American heart month 2019 theme was Our Hearts improve when we work together. With this slogan, creators wanted to encourage us to work together, because science has shown that changing bad habits and lifestyle is much easier with a strong support system. Changing yourself within a group of friends or family has much higher chances of positive results and goal achieving.

American heart month activities

There are numerous American heart month events that you can participate in. During the American heart, month wear red day, which is the first Friday of February, you are showing your support by dressing in red.

The red dress collection by the Go Red for Women is an event where women proudly go on catwalk down the runway in red dresses. It is a fun, positive, empowering event, with a strong message and a strong circle of support.

Skineez is proud to say that this year’s VIP attendees of the red dress collection received Skineez Skincarewear gift bags! We are very proud to be a part of this event!

5 facts about the American heart month

Other activities include donating, walks and just being loud about the issue. Inspire your co-workers and family, start cook-offs, group walks, etc. Get creative!

American heart month information

We at Skineez decided to put all the necessary info for you and break it down in tips and facts about the American heart month. This way you can just give it a glance and be reminded of everything you need to know!

5 facts about the American heart month

Heart-healthy tips for American heart month

American heart month tips include some healthy lifestyle strategies that could significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or a stroke. Here is what experts suggest:

  • Do regular exercise
  • Watch over your diet
  • Quit smoking
  • Drink alcohol moderately
  • Control cholesterol and blood pressure

American hear month hashtag

In the 21st century, the loudest voices are those on social media. So, it has become extremely important to know how to promote awareness through social media. Here are the most popular hashtags to use this year to spread awareness about the American hearth month:

  • Instagram: #americanheart #heartmontht #heartdiseaseawareness
  • Twitter: #americanheart

American hearth month ribbon

The color of the American hearth month ribbon is red.

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