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    Our winning combination of SMART fabrics and skincare OUT-PERFORM other compression garments on the market. SKINEEZ® garments are pretreated with skin-healthy cosmetic nutrients.
    Clinically proven to deliver firmer, smoother and younger looking skin.

    SKINEEZ® makes your daily skincare routine easier than ever.

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    In fact, 89% of consumers considered re-infusing their SKINEEZ® with the Skincarewear® Garment Spray to be an easier task than applying a skincare cream once or twice daily!


    Look and feel slimmer
    Increase moisture to skin
    Gain softer and smoother skin
    In a Consumer Perception Survey after wearing for 1 hour, 88% said that their skin felt soft and smoother; and 100% said that the fabrics were soft and comfortable. 

    WEEK 1

    Diminish skin's imperfections
    Smoother, more vibrant skin
    Skin feels less flabby
    In a Consumer Perception Survey after wearing for 1 week, 96% said that the products were comfortable, 81% said the product was more comfortable than similar garments they've worn in the page, 85% said that they would recommend this product. 

    WEEKS 2-4

    Average increase in skin elasticity of up to 19%
    Firmer, clearer skin tone

    *In a 4 week clinical study conducted by The Consumer Testing Institute amongst 27 women who wore the SKINEEZ® SKINCAREWEAR® for eight hours a day, 6 days a week, and used the SKINEEZ ® Garment Spray for the last 4 weeks.