The "It" Item for Fall 2015 / Winter 2016

Let's be honest here, winter and skin, well, they aren't the best of friends!  As the nights get shorter and the temperatures drop, we are reminded to bring out our old friend: Moisturizer!  Well we want you to forget about lugging big bottles of cream around with you.  We have a solution!
The "It" Item for Fall 2015 is our solution.  A double-duty tight that helps you look great and feel great. The most popular item for this time of year is our Reversible Footless Tight.  This tight provides two looks in one!  We have a Grey and Black that works perfectly with the bold statement colors for fall.  The brown and black works perfectly with the earthy neutrals or a pop of color and paired with boots! What is it that really sets the tights apart? It is the built in skin benefit!  SKIN-EEZ Tights all have skincare ingredients infused into them. That's right!  All the great ingredients that you find in a jar of cream! From shea butter to retinol, we have you covered!  So while you are wearing your favorite tights, they are battling dry skin!  They help to hydrate your skin while you wear them.  After you wear them ten times, you just simply refresh them with our spray. When we say "feel the difference," we really mean it!  Our tights are so soft, they feel like silk or cashmere, but with the look of a tight!  The ingredients in the tights not only help your skin, but make the tight feel like no-other.  Light compression helps to create a smooth shape under your favorite tunic or dress. There is nothing better than having a great layering piece, that does double-duty.  Not only are our tights reversible, but they help your skin stay silky smooth all winter long!   So be sure to check out our tights: Buy Now

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  • Rachel Smith says...

    For starters I have tried almost every skincare product out there on the market. I am a skincare fanatic! I work as a Beauty consultant at CVS and I am also a licensed esthetician. So I know products and ingredients inside and out. I tried Skineez for the first time a week ago and loved it. First off, the capri leggings are super soft and comfortable. I wore them around the house, out on errands and you can also sleep in them. This is one of the benefits I loved the most about Skineez. Your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself best over night. We all have skin care routines for our face before we go to bed but not necessarily for our bodies. Now you can. Just slip on a pair of Skineez leggings or cami before bed and there you go. What girl doesn’t love a comfy pair of leggings? But a pair that your skin can benefit from? Amazing. The fabric is also super breathable. Living in Massachusetts the weather can be unpredictable so having a legging you can wear year round is great. My skin felt super soft and and firm just from the first time wearing them. They have amazing ingredients for your skin including Shea butter, Rose hip oil, Retinol, Vitamin E and Apricot kernel oil all of which nourish, soften and rejuvenate. If you don’t know, these ingredients are basically super food for your skin. The tank top camisole that they sell is super cute and comfy. It has a lace bottom so your can dress it up or dress it down. For my profession I have to wear an all black uniform so the black cami is key to wear to work. The fabric is also body shaping, making your silhouette perfected and your curves super smooth. I can honesty say I am a fan of this product and would reccomend it to anyone looking to firm and and soften their skin. It a new break through for skincare and if your anything like me and always looking to try the next best thing, Well, here it is!

    April 28, 2016

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