The Secret Skincare Routine We Guarantee You Have Never Heard Of!

Shhhhhhh!  Don't tell anyone!

Actually, we take that back. Tell everyone!  


The newest skincare routine that helps lead to beautiful skin

is not in a jar or bottle of expensive cream...


We all have our own unique spin on our skincare routine.

For example, one of the ladies in our office just adores Rose Hip Seed Oil.  She keeps it in the refrigerator and uses it on her face every night to help reduce scaring and fine lines.  She swears it works, and we believe her!  Another gal we know keeps a gallon of water on her desk every day.  We have fun trying to guess what crazy infusion she will bring. Will it be mint water?  Grapefruit?  Plain ol' Lemon? When it comes to moisturizing the body, we don't always have as much time for the products.  Freezing cold moisturizer right out of the shower?  We don't think so!  We figured out a way to just about ditch the big bottle of body moisturizer.  This is how...

The Newest Routine Is A Bit of A Secret.

It is a secret because it has been newly invented.  It is wearable skincare!  Typically, we think of a cream that we put on and it is absorbed right away.  Wearable skincare is a fabric that you wear that hydrates you throughout the day.  The natural ingredients are infused right into the fabric.  The heat from your body helps to release the hydrating ingredients slowly.  That means your skin receives the hydration all day long.

The Ingredients Are Natural

We all have our top ingredients we look for in a cream.  Wearable skincare is packed with some of the best out there.  Shea Butter gives that luxurious rich hydration.  Apricot Kernel Oil promotes cell renewal.  Rose-Hip Seed Oil, as we know from our "Office Superfan", helps with scarring.  Vitamin A and E are packed with antioxidants that battle early signs of aging.

Now The Fun Part, The Fashion

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.13.04 AMThis amazing fabric comes in a variety of styles.  We start with the basics, foundation garments if you will.  The kind of pieces that you can build your look around!  A sleek, simple black camisole and black capri are a top seller.  From head-to-toe you will be moisturized all day and it is perfect for layering in the winter.

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 CVS_LifestyleLifestyle_NeedEdit1 We just couldn't wait to let you all in on our newest secret!  Wearable skincare by SKIN-EEZ!  

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