A New Way to Work Out, in a New Fabric!

Yes, we said it.  A new fabric for working out.  This isn't just your typical spandex or lycra.  It isn't silk or cashmere but it sure feels just as soft!  We have invented a new fabric, wearable skincare™

Well, what exactly is wearable skincare?

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.33.13 PM Let's start with the fabric.  First, it is all about how it feels when you wear it.  We have all made the tragic mistake of buying a cute printed capri and then realizing it it feels like sandpaper.  How about that adorable camisole that makes you feel like you are wearing a soaked heating pad at the gym?  We have done that too. Our solution is wearable skincare that feels silky smooth.  The fabric is airy, light and truly feels like a second skin. With the amazing stretch and compression of spandex and lycra.  There are also no annoying seams to get in your way!  Oh, and bonus; those tags? Well, we don't have any.  All of our garments are stamped instead of adding another layer of irritation to your skin! Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.33.30 PM Pictured: SKIN-EEZ Fan wearing her Boy Short while Wakeboarding! So we know it is wearable, but how exactly is it skincare?  To make the fabric super soft, we have infused each garment with popular, healthy skincare ingredients.  Shea Butter helps with hydration and feeling silky smooth all day.  Retinol, or Vitamin A, helps provide some serious defense against free radicals.  Rose Hip Seed Oil helps replenish the skin and may even help with scarring.  The fabric not only feels amazing but provides you with all the benefits of an entire jar of cream! The fabrics hydrate your skin, over time, while you wear them.  The skincare isn't "lost" in the fabric, it is retained for up to ten washings.  As your skin heats up a bit, the moisturizer kicks in, making this garment amazing for yoga or under your favorite ski gear!  Added bonus: it feels amazing!  No grease, no sweat (this fabric wicks it away, baby!) So, what to do when choosing your gear?  We know the number one thing is that it is comfortable.  The next thing is that it is functional.  Then, of course, stylish. SKIN-EEZ has you covered.  Our garments are the perfect foundation piece.  We have Capris, Camisoles, Boy Shorts, Reversible tights and Thigh Smoothers. So try out that new fabric!  Wearable Skincare is finally here!

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