What's Your Transitional Wardrobe Made Of?


What’s Your Transitional Wardrobe Made Of?

This is a tricky time of year – at least here in New England. August evening’s smell of autumn breeze rolling in . . . but the days can still be hot and steamy. Transitional clothing can be complicated, right ladies? Then again, there are some items that continue to prove the test of time and seasons.

My first suggestion would be to focus on a dress – I’m a sucker for a dress. I love and appreciate the “one and done” look and so often a dress will always fit the bill. Moving into the fall and winter seasons though – tights are an essential item when needed. SKIN-EEZ has a great reversible tight  (wearable skincare) that I lived in last fall and winter – that goes well with dresses and under jeans, pants – you name it! This was a tough one and wearing a product not on the market before that delivers both fashion and moisturizing benefits was a win-win.

This summer, I found a great tunic that needed a great capri legging to go under it for modesty as well as fashion sense and SKIN-EEZ came though again. I also got turned onto a Cole Haan open toed small wedge in nude and black – and sprung for the slightly higher close-toed wedge that works great with literally almost everything in my closet.

I also like a forgiving t-shirt that you can layer with a light-weight sweater, capris and a nice wedge. Accessories help too in adding color and visual interest to an outfit – both casual and more “formal.”

The key is to know your body type (I’m an “apple” – but slimmer on the bottom and more “ample” on top), budget (want to look great but not break the bank), lifestyle (I work from home but need to not look like a homeless person when I run to retrieve a child or pick up milk and eggs).

Comfort is key as well. Again, another reason I like the one and done look, or throwing on a capri pant, great shoes and a t-shirt with a scarf and tossing on a jacket – if you need to be a bit more “polished” while working, taking care of kids and possibly running into . . . well, who knows?

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