Athleisure: Mixing Luxury with Comfort

Athleisure is a way to mix luxury with comfort.  Mixing sportswear with fashion is a simple way to be comfortable and chic.  We have spotted Gigi Hadid rocking her leggings to fashionable parties all year long.  Even the girl-next-door running errands at the supermarket wears here favorite pair of leggings and fashionable sneakers. Talk about luxury and comfort; our legging is like wearing silk with luxurious moisturizing ingredients woven right in.  We like to wear our skincare all day long!  That is why we came up with wearable skincare. Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.40.55 AM The thing we love most about the Athleisure trend is how it focuses on wellness.  We always say, "Be More In Your Skin."  Healthy means taking care of yourself from the inside, out.  Our garments are on point with Athleisure.  Woven into the garments are natural healthy skincare ingredients that help wick away moisture while you work out.  Athleisure should also be breathable fabric!  Our camisole helps with moisturizing your skin all day long while you focus on your healthy daily routines! Stretching in the morning is a great way to get your day started.  Whether it be your favorite yoga class or a session by the beach, wearing your favorite athleisure outfit is key.  The key to working this trend is that it is a staple piece, that is transitional.  When you start with the basics, as seen on our model, you can easily dress them up.  Take for example, your favorite statement necklace.  After your yoga class, put on your necklace and pop on a bold lip color.  You will be ready to head out to your favorite lunch hot-spot! Don't forget about your footwear.  It use to be a fashion faux-pas to show up to a party in without those killer heels. With the Athleisure trend, sneakers are the new 'must-have' item.   From Chanel to Nike, there is a brand of fashion-forward sneakers for every woman.  We especially love them with our sleek leggings, you know, because who doesn't love a double-duty athleisure moment like moisturizing your skin while you wear your leggings?  Isn't that the whole point of Athleisure?

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  • skineez says...

    We LOVE it Jessica! Isn’t it such a relief knowing that comfort is now luxury? Great post!

    January 15, 2016

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