Move Over Coconut Oil, There is a New Skincare Power Player in Town!

Move over Coconut Oil, there is a new power player in town!  Rose-hip Seed Oil!  This skincare ingredient is infused in our garments.  That's right!  Our comfy garments are what we like to call, wearable skincare! Our textiles deliver all of the benefits of this important skincare ingredient while you wear the clothing.  The fabric is "buttery soft", light, airy and feels like silk.  Wear comfortable clothes while getting all of the amazing benefits of Rose-Hip Seed oil! Who knew that your skincare could be wearable? rosehip So you think oil, you think greasy.  Not with this ingredient!  It is light on the skin and absorbs almost instantly.  Which makes it the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin.  Our garments deliver the ingredient continuously through the day so you don't have to slather on the oil! Want to target stretch marks on your stomach?  Try our Miracle Toning Camisole that is infused with the mighty skincare ingredient: Camisole.  The benefits of Rose-Hip Seed oil will be directly applied to your skin while you wear the cami.  Who wouldn't like some extra skincare benefits just while wearing your favorite layering piece? Want to hydrate your legs throughout the day without having to reapply your lotion? Try our Capri.  Swap out your boring black leggings and get something that does double duty.  Instead of waiting for your lotion to dry, just toss on our legging and head out the door! Rose-hip oil is jam packed with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  In other words, this ingredient may help correct dark spots, pitting and scarring. If that isn't enough to get you thinking about adding our garment to your skincare routine, then listen to this.  Miranda Kerr has revealed that she uses Rose-Hip Seed Oil nightly on her skin.  She has been quoted: 'And I like to wear rosehip oil at night. It’s full of that many antioxidants and it really works on a cellular level too to rejuvenate the skin."  Many other woman in the public spotlight have showed love for the Rose-Hip!  Miss Paltrow and Kate Middleton, to name a few! Rose-Hip Oil is here to stay!  Get yours today!

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