SKIN-EEZ Skincarewear launches at Target!

SKIN-EEZ® is a line of figure-flattering undergarments with micro-capsules built into the fabric that break open to release moisturizers into the skin, according to Michelle Moran, the founder and chief executive of SKIN-EEZ Skincarewear in Sudbury. The Boston Globe, recently posted an article about SKIN-EEZ; read article here!
Moran recently landed a deal with the retail giant Target, which on Monday plans to launch an initial run of thigh smoothers, capri pants, camisoles, and boyshorts, priced between $24.99 and $29.99, in 50 stores and online, she said. “It’s fashion compression garments with a time-released cosmetic skin care delivery system,” Moran said. “Your skin will be moisturized and over time it will hydrate, rejuvenate, and reveal more radiant skin, just like skin care.”
lifestyle closet Shapewear and Skincare; together at last!

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