SKIN-EEZ® Skincarewear® - Your Shapewear should Be Comfortable!

Shapewear is a foundation garment, and here at SKIN-EEZ® we believe it should be comfortable. SKIN-EEZ® is the next step in shapewear.  The unique garment provides moderate support, is seamless and looks sleek under your dresses.  However, the difference is in the fabric.  It is infused with skincare ingredients!  It glides right on!  The double-duty garment is infused with the same ingredients as a fancy jar of cream.  Which is why we call it Skincarewear®! The fabric is like nothing you have ever felt before. We all say it feels like air.  No more tight, distracting, unhealthy shapewear. SKIN-EEZ® is healthy shapewear that is comfortable!

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