Top 10 Ways Moms can Look & Feel Good on the Go!

The Top 10 Ways Moms can Look & Feel Good on the Go!
Being a mom is more than a full-time job.  Big time.  With no pay, little appreciation and endless hours it’s easy to feel like we’re not a priority.  Making and taking the time to feel good is a gift we can give ourselves – and when we value ourselves, our children and families also benefit.  This is an important point to remember if you’re caught in the cycle of putting your needs last.   1. Get organized at the end of the day (or throughout the day) A friend of mine recently shared that her five year old daughter did a portrait of her for Mother’s Day in her kindergarten class – she wrote on the back of the photo that her mom “. . . does not like making her brother’s lunch.”  She was horrified.  She told me that the main reason she didn’t love making his lunch was she left it to do as part of an already hectic morning routine.  Make a list of things that need to be done every morning that you can get a jump-start on the previous day.  Spending 10 minutes writing down a “morning routine” may even allow you a somewhat relaxed A.M. cup of coffee!  I say “routine” because if you try this for a few weeks it will indeed become routine…and a huge timesaver.  You may be surprised how much this single change results in a calmer  2. Lay out your clothes, as well as your kids – and maybe even pick out your husband’s shirt and tie (if he’s color blind like mine was) Half the time I threw on sweats (sometimes that I even slept in – how bad is that?!) until I discovered leggings that look good with an oversized shirt, tunic or blouse.  Skin-eez is a savior – because they feel great while you’re wearing them and they look fabulous with a flat or wedge – my mommy “go-to” shoes.  I was often woken out of bed to be asked, “Does this tie go with this shirt”?  In hindsight, I should have made suggestions for the week (to avoid being woken up prematurely) on Sunday and could have done away with this line of questioning in the wee hours of the morning!  Try picking out the next day’s clothes as part of your evening routine – it’s another big timesaver in the morning.  3. Buy food basics in bulk, but find a local market you can pick up items as needed Super-stores like Costco and Sam’s clubs are saviors for families with small children.  Staples are ideal to load up along with fresh produce or meat if you’re hosting a party, cookout or celebration.  Otherwise, stick with the basics your family goes through more quickly and find a local farm or supermarket that has great fresh produce.  Your taste buds will thank you.  4. Choose a few go-to outfits that look pulled together and make you feel great I mentioned I love the look of Skin-eez leggings and I do.  A great dark wash jean (not the “mom” jeans) are also a wardrobe go-to.  Long and short sleeved tops (no stains, easy to wash and wear) with a colorful or neutral scarf and a blazer-type jacket make you look good and feel great too.  I also think a great workout outfit (not 20  year old sweats with holes in them) are perfect to run errands in and feel pulled together.  5. Take care of yourself Be sure to make appointments for yourself – in addition to everyone else in the family.  Moms often don’t put themselves on their to-do list because there are so many other demands coming in from more “needy” members of the family.  Just remember, if you’re not in good health physically and mentally, you won’t be much use to your family.  6. Group appointments together Do this for all members of your family.  Try scheduling dental check- ups, pediatrician annual appointments, and getting new shoes and sneakers all on the same day at consecutive times.  As a bonus, it cuts down on running to pick up prescriptions and other items multiple times throughout the week.  7. Have a meal plan It’s not easy or fun to plan what to have for dinner every night.  If you can make a meal plan on Sundays and map out what you need for groceries, etc., it makes life a little easier with less waste and more simplicity.  There are so many grocery stores that deliver and you may even save money using this approach.  Ordering your groceries online is a convenient time saver and most honor sale prices, accept coupons, and will save your shopping list for even faster ordering the next time.  It’s tempting to over purchase food when in a grocery store (especially with little ones in tow asking for everything they see on the shelves).  Having a plan beforehand makes dinner simple.  8. Lean on your friends Chances are, you have neighbors with small children and friends from pre-school or grammar school.  Offer to help them one day and don’t hesitate to see if they can do the same for you.  Having a break is necessary for your own mental health and having another child over to play has the additional benefit of keeping your own kids busy at the same time.  It might make sense to do this with a group of friends where you could all take turns hosting.  9. Get an easy makeup routine Less is usually more when it comes to a quick way to put your face  on in the morning.   A foundation or base is always a good way to start – some blush, mascara and lipstick or gloss can go a long way in sprucing you up without weighing down your morning routine.  10. Schedule your own personal grooming appointments once per month (or twice if needed)  You will look and feel better when you take care of yourself.  Scheduling a hair cut and style every five weeks is good for your self-esteem and ego.  A pedicure at the same time also is an easy way to pamper yourself…and in the nice weather, it’s a must!  You can certainly do your own manicure, but while you’re indulging in a day of grooming, why not go ahead and build that into your schedule like you would your child’s play date or birthday party?  Never forget…you’re worth it!

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